Savings lose 50% of value in 10 years

Charlie Taylor

So find out why experts don't recommend investing in savings: Why is investing in savings no longer viable? Because every day, month and year inflation increases. That is, product prices rise. Basically, inflation (measured by the IPCA index) changes over time. Thus, an object that cost only R$ 2 a few years ago may be costing R$ 5 today. Therefore, in 10 years, those who left their money in savings, which yields only 70% of the Selic rate, lost almost half of the amount invested. Taking into account the accumulation of 8.06% of inflation in the last 12 months and the injection of money to hold the crisis of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), this application can lose up to 6% a year.

Options outside savings

Usually, what attracts people to savings is that it is an easy and safe “investment” model. In addition, the money can be withdrawn at any time. However, there are other options that may also have these same aspects.

Selic Treasure

The Treasury Selic is one of the safest investments in the country today. It is part of a loan program created by the federal government. In short, people buy a government bond, which can be redeemed until the maturity date at a certain profit. Profitability always follows the value of the basic interest rate (Selic). Thus, surpassing savings, which yield only 70% of the Selic rate.


CBDs are investments offered by banks and, like the Treasury Selic, follow a reference index. In addition to being withdrawn at any time, the money yields according to the CDI (Interbank Credit Certificate), which has a value of one just below the benchmark interest rate. There are many CBDs on the market today. Including an option that returns 20% of the money invested in the form of cashbank.

Fixed Income Fund

Fixed Income funds work like any other investment fund. That is, the investor invests money in a portfolio managed by a specialist. The difference is that all the investments are safe, as they do not vary and can usually be withdrawn at any time. The investor only needs to pay attention to the brokerage and administration fees of the background. After all, some have fees so high that they end up failing to pay off. See also: Savings account turns 160 years old with bad incomeBuy Bitcoin at Coinext
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