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Better tracks Oslo-Stockholm create great benefits

Published: November 29, 2022, 10:00 a.m. Updated: November 29, 2022, 10:51 a.m.By improving and shortening the existing infrastructure, in the future it would be possible to travel by train from Stockholm to Oslo in under 3 hours compared to the current 5 hours. – Now the governments of Sweden and Norway have the opportunity to move forward with a project that would make a decisive difference to both climate and society, says Jonas Karlsson, CEO of Oslo-Sthlm 2.55. Every year, 1.4 million Swedish business and private travelers choose the flight when they are going from Stockholm to Oslo. After flying was basically completely down during the pandemic, travel on the route has returned on a large scale, much faster than expected. The potential of travelers who can be attracted to sustainable travel is therefore very large. But then it is important to make it more attractive to take the train. Many travelers feel that a travel time of over 5 hours for only 40 miles is too much. – In 2017, Stockholm-Oslo was the 17th busiest air route in the world in terms of the number of departures. Before the pandemic, 22 planes per day took off in each direction. We expect that a faster rail connection will attract over 1 million of today’s air travelers to the train. In addition, travel in general will increase significantly. It brings great benefits for both the climate and society, says Jonas. Socio-economically profitable and rapid climate gainsThe company Oslo-Sthlm 2.55 has had Sweco do a socio-economic calculation of the project based on the Swedish Transport Administration’s model. It shows that the socio-economic benefit of improving the entire line to reach a journey time of three hours is 67 billion and the value of reduced CO2 emissions is another 10 billion. It is thus more than the total investment cost. – We can state that this railway project is economically viable. And by including more places in Mälardalen on the route, you reach more people who want to travel sustainably between our two capitals, Jonas continues. To achieve a travel time of three hours, investments of approximately 60 billion are required. This means that the socio-economic net benefit will be approximately 17 billion, which is unique for such a large railway investment. Swedish-Norwegian cooperation project If the future railway project is to become a reality, the cooperation between Sweden and Norway that already exists needs to be deepened. In 2021, the governments of both countries tasked the Swedish Transport Administration and the Norwegian Railway Directorate to investigate the conditions for improving the railway between Stockholm and Oslo. The result was presented in September. Against the background of the large collective benefits, the climate benefits and a significant travel potential, both Norwegian and Swedish authorities suggest that the investigation work for the project should be continued. Now the authorities are waiting for further mandates from the countries’ decision-makers to proceed with the project. – We have broad support for the project in both Norway and Sweden, and that is gratifying. But a project of this size also requires long-term conditions and a clear political direction going forward. If the governments give the green light to continue, we expect decisive steps in development already this term. Now here is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the sustainable travel of the future, concludes Jonas.About Oslo-Stockholm 2.55 ABOslo-Stockholm 2.55 AB is a company owned by Karlstad Municipality, Värmland Region, Västmanland Region, Örebro County Region, Västerås City and Örebro Municipality. The company’s aim is to accelerate the expansion of better train traffic between Oslo and Stockholm and on the sections in between. Read more about Oslo-Stockholm 2.55 AB Visit us on Facebook! The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Oslo-Stockholm 2.55 AB and not an article by Dagens industri

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