S2F(x) model creator predicts bitcoin price for August

Charlie Taylor

The Dutch institutional analyst, who uses the alias PlanB on his Twitter account @100trillionUSD, believes in a positive scenario for bitcoin in the coming months and has forecast the cryptocurrency price for August. PlanB is known for applying the Stock-to-flow model, generally used in the pricing of metals, for the price of bitcoin. He was the creator of a variation of the model specifically for the BTC, the S2F(X) which includes the cryptoactive adoption phases. The model was able to predict the macro trends of bitcoin in recent years and is therefore one of the most popular in the cryptocurrency market, even with criticism related to its accuracy at certain times in the market. PanB is the manager of an investment company that handles approximately US $100 billion in digital assets, as far as we know, he would also have a bachelor's degree in quantitative finance and law.

Bitcoin price at $47K next month?

According to the manager, bitcoin should close next month at a position 34% higher than the current one. “My on-chain data (color overlay on the chart below) tells me this bull market isn't over and 64K wasn't the top. This is in line with the s2f(x) model. Also, my floor indicator (not based on s2f) says we won't go below 47k at the close of August.”

According to the S2F model, bitcoin could reach US$100k in this cycle (before the next halving in 2024). As a result, the BTC would be in line with the historical prices seen previously after the 2012 and 2016 halvings, as shown in the chart below:Bitcoin price in previous cycles according to S2F modelIt is still too early to decide whether BTC will continue to follow the model or whether we will have diminished returns from previous cycles, but PlanB is optimistic: “It seems I was too early to rule out the lower returns scenario. In fact, this will be the key question in the next 6 months: 1) $64,000 was the top and will we fluctuate between $25-50,000? 2) Or $64,000 wasn't the top and the bull market will resume to S2F $100,288,000?? My money is in 2. "Also read:

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