S nomination committee on the election of a new party leader: Calmer and more open now

Charlie Taylor

The election of a new party leader for the Social Democrats will not be as tumultuous as before the election of Håkan Juholt, assures the chairman of the nomination committee, Elvy Söderström. "No, I am not worried. It was a very closed process. We have safe and orderly forms and there is an openness ", she tells TT.

Published: 24 August 2022, 16:26Just that with openness has already been discussed in public. SSU and LO want to see a more open process with candidates who step forward and can be questioned. ”It is good that people have different ideas. As a nomination committee, we have felt that we are safe and have orderly forms. We have proposed this arrangement ", she says. And that arrangement consists of the nomination committee on Tuesday sending out the invitation to the party districts to listen and collect proposals from the members on who they want to see as the new party leader. The proposals must be received by the Nomination Committee no later than 1 October. The proposed candidates do not need to be asked. The Nomination Committee has not spoken to any prospects yet. First you have to listen to what the districts say.Why do the Social Democrats have the tradition that you never go out and say that you want to become party leader until you get the question from the nomination committee?
"I do not really know, it can be difficult with media reviews. But there is a great commitment and it is very open. It is not at all as described that it is closed, but the tradition is not to do so ", says Söderström.Is it not the case that one does not elect party leaders based on what that person thinks in individual matters, but it is the Congress that determines the policy?
"Exactly, we have the order that the Congress establishes the guidelines for the party's policy. It is not a shop where you choose what you want to do, it is the party's policy that shapes the future and the party leader must be the one who goes first and for that policy forward. ”What has dominated so far in the discussion is the requirement that it must now be a female chairman. Elvy Söderström has no opinion on this. ”As team leader for the nomination committee, I do not intend to comment on either one or the other. We must have a chairman who has energy and drives Sweden forward with welfare, the climate, security and jobs, ”says Söderström.Do you not find it difficult to get past it when you propose a candidate?
"If your hope is that I will answer that question, it will be crushed," says Elvy Söderström. The person who is elected will most likely also become prime minister a few days later, which governs the nomination committee's work. leaders who can take Sweden forward. ”Does that mean you have to choose from the cabinet?
"It should be a capable candidate. There may be those who have learned from life in other ways ", says Söderström. She says she does not have any of her own favorites yet." No, I can not say that I have. I will listen to what the party says. ”The Nomination Committee's task is also to produce proposals for people in the executive committee and the party board, something the Nomination Committee is already done with, according to Elvy Söderström. It will also be proposed who will be the party secretary.TT

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