S is approaching a decision on NATO – will meet on Sunday

Charlie Taylor

The party board of the Social Democrats will meet in the afternoon to decide on a yes or no to NATO membership. On the way to the meeting, most of the participants who voted in favor leaned.Published: 15 May 2022, 13:45One by one of the party board members who arrived at the S headquarters on Sveavägen 68 in central Stockholm seemed to be set on the party later today saying yes to NATO membership. “I think this is the best way to ensure the security of Sweden and the Swedish population,” says Åsa Westlund, chairman of Stockholm County. Johan Persson, municipal councilor in Kalmar, says that he decided several months ago that Sweden should apply for membership. He believes that today’s decision in the party board will be a yes to NATO. “I think there is strong support for Swedish membership “, says Persson.” Reality has changed. ” The heavy party district Skåne, however, has a decision from its congress to say no to NATO, even though opinions in the district are divided. Andreas Schönström, municipal councilor in Malmö, is personally against a membership. “I think we should seriously consider our children and future generations will be sent to Hungary and Turkey to defend them in an attack “, says Andreas Schönström when he arrives at the meeting. But he still does not believe that the party will say no.” If I interpret everything that has been said and the analysis which has been presented, a yes is close at hand. But I do not share that view. ”The turn towards a possible membership has gone record fast in the party. As recently as the beginning of March, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson (SocDem) said that a NATO application would further destabilize this part of Europe. as long as he is Minister of Defense. He guaranteed it to everyone. The Opposition Citizens’ Council in Stockholm, Karin Wanngård, thinks that one must remember that the process has gone very fast. “It is important that we have respect because we have members of the party who may have a different opinion on the issue,” she says. Wanngård is asked if she excludes that the party board will land in a no. “It would surprise me,” she says. Mattias Vepsä, who represents the workers’ municipality in the city of Stockholm, is one of those who are unsure. put forward the nuclear issue as an argument. Ahead of 6 pm, the party board is expected have made a decision. Then Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and party secretary Tobias Baudin will hold a press conference to announce. On Friday, the government, together with other parliamentary parties, presented a new security policy analysis. It stated that Sweden’s security would increase with a NATO membership. If S, as expected, says yes to NATO membership later on Sunday, there will be a broad majority for it in the Riksdag. On Monday, the Riksdag will debate the security policy analysis presented on Friday. After that, the government is expected to put its foot down in the NATO issue, according to previous information to TT.TT

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