S fights for height unemployment fund: “Is not strong enough”

Charlie Taylor

The Social Democrats go to the polls for a permanent increase in the unemployment insurance fund and Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson is now getting ready for battle in the Riksdag. At the same time, the Left Party is demanding more money for the country’s pensioners.Updated: 1 May 2022, 14:18Published: 1 May 2022, 14:04It’s sunny and quite many people in Tornparken in Sundbyberg when Magdalena Andersson (S) on Sunday gave her first May Day speech as party leader and prime minister. She began with the war in Ukraine and talked about the Easter riots and promised to step up the fight against segregation. Magdalena Andersson received the most applause when she attacked the profits of the private school companies. The same topics recurred when she held a press conference a few hours later in the LO castle in central Stockholm. “It has gone so far that we see parallel societies in Sweden. We live in the same country, but still in completely different realities “, she says.She had with her also news that the Social Democrats are now running for election on a permanent increase in the unemployment insurance fund, which was temporarily strengthened during the pandemic. According to the proposal, everyone who earns up to SEK 33,000 a month will receive 80 percent of the salary if they become unemployed. It was obvious during the pandemic that the unemployment insurance fund is not strong enough in Sweden “, says Magdalena Andersson. According to Magdalena Andersson, it would cost around SEK 5 billion to permanently increase the unemployment insurance fund, with the unemployment that exists in Sweden today. But she believes nevertheless that the increase is important to implement. ”It is an important part of the Swedish model that you dare to change jobs, educate yourself, change industry or perhaps take a job in a small start-up company. Then it is important that there is a safe insurance. It creates stability for employees, which means that Swedish business can be developed “, she says. At the same time, Magdalena Andersson assumes that the Social Democrats will meet resistance in the Riksdag.” I am sure that this is an ambition that the right-wing conservatives will fight against, I reckon. But we Social Democrats will fight for ordinary people “, she says. At the same time as Magdalena Andersson delivered her promise to increase the unemployment fund, the Left Party on Sunday came forward with a new proposal aimed at the country’s pensioners. on a special guarantee supplement for the most disadvantaged pensioners. “Now it is time for us to take a holistic approach to pensions,” said party leader Nooshi Dadgostar in a press release, adding that pensions will now be an election issue.The proposal would, according to The Left Party means that the disposable income for a retired care assistant is increased by about SEK 1,600 a month. On average, pensions would be increased by 13.4 percent in 2024, if the proposal was implemented. “Historical failure”. “Instead of the 60 percent of the final salary that was promised when the system was clubbed, the outcome has turned out to be 45 percent. In practice, pensioners have become completely dependent on income from capital, private pension savings or continued work to reach a decent standard of living, ”she says. Fredrik Öjemar

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