Russian schizophrenia in recession


Eugene Liashchevskyi/Pexels Svobodnaya Pressa, a Russian media group, published an article on its website stating that while the sale of oil and gas, as well as other raw materials, continues to support the Russian state budget, “all other sources have seen a sharp decline, and the industry manufacturing and trade are in deep crisis, and more and more citizens are complaining about the lack of money. According to the author, the entire economy of the Russian Federation is collapsing and only quick and radical reforms associated with a complete change of priorities, mainly socio-political ones, can stop this process. Information about Russia’s economic collapse appeared in the media that reproduced Kremlin propaganda, calling the Ukrainian armed forces “ukrowehrmacht” and referring to the invasion of Ukraine as a “special operation”. However, in the face of terrifying economic signals, it is difficult for even the media favoring the government to maintain the current narrative. According to data from October 2022, federal budget revenues from the non-oil and gas sector fell by 1.12 trillion rubles, or 20.1 percent. compared to October 2021. “But there are also other, even more disastrous data: the country’s economic growth, which in the first half of the year amounted to only 0.4 percent, according to the forecasts of the Ministry of Development in the second half of the year will turn into a decline of 5.4 percent . According to the forecast of the Ministry of Development, the industry will shrink by 1.8%, which means that in the last four months of the year the decline in this sector will amount to 7.2%. But it’s not just macroeconomic indicators that are worrying. According to Mikhail Delyagin, deputy chairman of the State Duma’s Economic Policy Committee, the turnover of the retail trade sector at the end of the year will decline by 6.1 percent. Lest there be any doubt, the deteriorating economic outlook is not manipulated by the West and was not invented by the Kremlin’s enemies. As indicated by Svobodnaya Pressa, the article was written on the basis of data published by Rosstat – the Russian statistical agency responsible for “the development and collection of official information on social, economic, demographic and environmental processes, and for the supervision of public statistics in the forms and cases provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation “. Moreover, citing data from the same official source, Svobodnaya Pressa reports that the collection of personal income tax fell by 26.3 percent. and ‘internal’ VAT collection fell by 39%. Non-fiscal indicators are also not optimistic. Machine industry and other industries not related to basic industry show a breakdown of 20 to 45 percent, metal consumption in the country has already fallen by 21 percent. and only from the beginning of the year until September. It will be even worse next year. The same can be said about the real estate market: the demand for new apartments fell by more than 40 percent. In turn, according to the research company Frank RG, the market for unsecured consumer loans increased again in October (7.8 percent more loans were granted than in September), which clearly indicates an increase in household debt. It is striking that the author of the article, while sympathetic to the Russian people, spreads racist visions, emphasizing that such an economic situation does not occur in just any country, but in “the richest country in the world” – not in some “Burkina Faso, poor country with lazy natives.” . “We have everything: energy, metals, food and all kinds of raw materials. There is quite a competent and hard-working population that wants to work. And not only for myself and my country, but also for my future and the future of my children,” explains the author. The editors blame the crisis on the national bureaucracy and oligarchy, forgetting who is really responsible for the evil done. The officials are addressed with epithets: “an insatiable herd that sees Russia only as a trough” or “traitors, enemies of the people”, and Svobodnaya Pressa sums up: “The destruction of Russia continues, accelerates every month. At the moment, the situation is quite reversible, although it is worse now than in spring […]. In fact, the moment of truth has arrived. Either us or them. A trivial matter of survival, both for us and for our children. Tomorrow may be too late.” source: La Razón

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