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Investment platform can solve the financing need in the real estate industry

Published: 10 May 2022, 09: 00Updated: 12 May 2022, 15:22A capital of SEK 374 billion for, among other things, new construction will be required in 2022 according to the Construction Companies’ calculations. That is why many property developers turn to Tessin’s digital investment platform to secure sufficient financing. – Tessin can help solve future financing needs and at the same time create profitable investment opportunities for private and institutional investors in the real estate industry, says Heidi Wik, CEO of Tessin Nordic Holding AB. For example, the regulations regarding banks’ lending have been tightened and increased the requirements for equity and liquidity in the real estate industry. The need for financing for new construction and existing stock has therefore been extensive – a trend that is expected to continue for several years to come. Tessin is the Nordic region’s leading digital investment platform and more and more property developers are turning to finance their real estate projects. – We see the chance to meet demand in the industry and generally provide more and larger loans, says Heidi Wik, CEO.Digital platform for real estate financingTessin’s digital real estate financing service is built on investors who invest their capital directly in the real estate market, without complicated fee structures and intermediaries. Money is lent to different types of real estate projects and the profit for investors is the return on capital, at the same time as the property developers receive the financing required for their projects. – Historically, the return has been 9–10 percent. In short, Tessin connects real estate projects with capital. We are listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market and have around 59,000 registered members in our investor network. At present, we offer financing to real estate companies and property developers in Sweden and Finland, but continue to evaluate new markets, which is a large part of our strategy going forward.Continues to grow core businessWork on organic growth is also something that will continue as demand for loans continues to be high, while there is great interest from both Swedish and international investors to invest directly in the Swedish real estate market. – We will develop new investment products. In the autumn of 2022, we launched Tessin Properties, which acquires properties and gives our investor network the opportunity to finance these acquisitions and receive a recurring, monthly interest rate. Overall, we are today Europe’s fifth largest platform for real estate financing and the success shows that our strategy to grow the core business organically is the right way to go. This places greater demands on us to find institutional investors, something we have managed to do and look forward to continuing with in the future. Read more at: The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Tessin Nordic Holding AB and not an article by Dagens industri

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