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Published: February 14, 2022, 1:32 p.m.Mediekompaniet makes Telia responsible for security. Photo: Mediekompaniet Cyberattacks are a growing threat to companies of all sizes. Every eleven seconds, cybercriminals break into a company somewhere in the world and hijack their data. The media company with more than 30 employees in Stockholm and Gothenburg makes Telia responsible for security. – For a small company, it is difficult to have cutting-edge expertise in IT security and to overview what protection is needed. Outsourcing is both safer and more cost-effective, says Nina Sommer, CFO.Make it easier and safer to be a small business owner – read more here about Telia’s offers Mediekompaniet is a sales company with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Most of the 34 employees are located on premises on Drottninggatan in the middle of Stockholm. The company is owned by the local media houses they represent, and the assignment is to package and tailor communication surfaces, both print and digital, for Sweden’s largest advertisers. CFO Nina Sommer says that IT security has been higher on the agenda in recent years. – We all know that cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated. Regardless of whether the employees work in the office or at a distance, specialist competence is required to feel confident of adequate protection.

Receive fake emails from cybercriminals

Like many other CFOs, Nina Sommer receives fake emails from cybercriminals every two weeks. They seem to come from the company’s CEO and urge her to make a payment quickly. The employees receive similar emails that seem to come from her. – A and O is that the staff knows how to act cyber-safe and is not tricked into clicking on a link or a document that contains malicious code. Knowledge of digital systems and security is high in the office. We also have routines for changing passwords regularly and we have MFA, multifactor authentication, which proves the identity with an extra verification method when we log in.Nina Sommer, CFO at Mediekompaniet.Nina Sommer, CFO at Mediekompaniet. Photo: Mediekompaniet

From an IT manager – to a team of specialists

However, should someone accidentally click on a malicious code, the attack can be stopped in real time because Telia has tools that monitor the Media Company’s IT environment. For about two years, Telia has been responsible for all IT and security issues. – Before that, the responsibility lay with a full-time employee. We also had a consultant who was on site every week and cost quite a lot. When our employee chose to stop doing something else, we decided to test a complete solution with an external IT partner. The choice fell on Telia and today Mediekompaniet subscribes to Telia’s “IT department as a service”. The service means that an expert team of about 20 specialists acts as the company’s IT department – with support, monitoring of the IT environment around the clock and responsibility for security. – It is partly safer, with Telia’s breadth of experts and expertise behind it – partly more cost-effective . The biggest advantage is that we get help with technology quickly and easily, regardless of problems or questions. All employees can call or email the support and within a maximum of one hour we will receive help. We can also contact support via agents that are installed in our computers, and the technicians can usually solve various problems directly at a distance.All employees can call support and get help within an hour.All employees can call support and get help within an hour. Photo: Mediekompaniet

Personal contact means a lot

Telia is responsible for everything that has to do with the computers and networks. They are responsible for hardware support, upgrades and monitoring of license agreements – and secure the IT environment with, among other things, antivirus software, email protection, VPN and surveillance. With the help of monitoring, illegal intrusions can be stopped in real time and malicious code removed. – When we started the collaboration, Telia made a thorough analysis of our IT environment and our security needs and has tailored a complete solution that is reasonable for our business, says Nina Sommer. She says that the personal contact they had with Telia’s team is a great benefit with the set-up. – My contact person, who has been involved from the beginning, can come here, fix things that need to be fixed and take the opportunity to clean wires from the computer cabinet. Just before Christmas, they went through all our conference rooms, checked the equipment and taught me a little more about features in Teams. It is worthwhile for them to get to know us and our IT environment and can help us develop.Make it easier and safer to be a small business owner – read more here about Telia’s offersFootnote: Every eleven seconds, a ransomware attack is detected at a company around the world, according to the research company Cybersecurity Ventures. This corresponds to approximately 8,000 intrusions in one day.

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