Rodrigo Marques, CEO of Atlas Quantum, died?

Charlie Taylor

Rodrigo Marques, the CEO and founder of Atlas Quantum, a suspected financial pyramid company, apparently appeared in a video getting into an ambulance on a stretcher. An anonymous source claimed he died of covid-19 in a Latin American country. The man's face was blurred to preserve the person's privacy if he is not a public figure. The video was emailed anonymously to a website, which posted the content. As for Cointimes, a trusted source (and close to Rodrigo) said the man in the video may indeed be Rodrigo Marques, but he is definitely not dead. . According to reports, he could be faking his death to avoid problems with the victims, who collectively were harmed by around R$4 billion. With high-yield promises with bitcoin arbitration, the Atlas robot was able to harm around 200,000 investors worldwide, according to an article by CNN.Although investors with judicial representation have already asked for Rodrigo Marques' preventive detention last year, the creator of the alleged pyramid has yet to see a day in prison. he lacks tranquility. After the release of exclusive articles from Cointimes where we tell details of the Atlas case, Marques was even more exposed, understand:

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