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Robert Smith and Mary Poole have been married for more than fifty years. In this article, we will learn about their relationship, their marriage, and their children. This is a wonderful story of a happy and successful marriage. Mary Smith was an excellent mother and a devoted wife to Robert.

Mary Poole

Mary Poole is a former model and video vixen who is the long-term spouse of English rocker Robert Smith. The couple married in 1988, after meeting when they were both still in high school. They were friends in drama class and fell in love. The couple had no children, and Smith was against the idea of having them. The couple was married on the 13th of August 1988.

In addition to being the wife of an internationally known musician, Mary Poole worked with various groups and artists. Although they were struggling financially at the time, Mary and Robert were able to work on numerous albums and tracks.

Their relationship

The history of Robert Smith and his wife’s relationship can be traced back to their high school years. The two met in a drama class at St Wilfrid’s Comprehensive School. Mary was a pretty girl inside and out and they both had the same taste in music. The couple later married and the relationship has been going strong ever since.

Smith and Poole have been married for nearly three decades, but have never had children. Although they were both raised in a large family, they didn’t want to add to their family. While Smith had no regrets about avoiding children, Poole has never wavered from her policy.

Their marriage

The two met at a drama class at St Wilfrid’s Comprehensive School, where Mary was a pre-teen. Robert had asked her to be his partner on a project and she said yes. The two became close friends, and their relationship lasted over the years. In the end, Robert proposed marriage to Mary and they were married.

The couple began dating in their teenage years. The singer was 14 when he met Mary Poole, a girl who he asked to be his partner for a drama class project. Their love affair blossomed, and they eventually married in 1988. According to The Guardian, Smith said the couple “got lucky” early in their relationship. Despite Smith’s talent, Mary Poole didn’t have much confidence in her future as a musician and did not support his work with “The Cure.” However, she was still able to make her husband happy and he gave her “Lovesong” as a wedding gift.

Their children

Robert Smith and his wife have children. The two were once inseparable. They were high school sweethearts. She was a beautiful person inside and out, and Robert found her attractive. The two shared a passion for punk music and were huge fans of Alex Harvey.

Robert and his wife have been married for several years. In fact, Robert told his wife that they should get married the day they met. Their relationship lasted for nine years. Over the years, Robert and Xochitl developed a very special bond. When their daughter Brandy became pregnant, they took a break from dating.

The couple married in 1988. They are devoted to each other and are happy with their decision not to have children. They are very compatible mentally. Even though they are happily married, Robert and Mary have no children of their own. Robert does not think he is capable of raising children and it was a decision they made early on.

Their political views

The Smiths moved to the Washington area before the Civil Rights Act was passed, and Smith spent much of his career working for federal agencies. After his first marriage, Smith had two children with Sandra Hawkins. The couple bought a home with a racially restrictive covenant. In 1961, Smith visited the Soviet Union. He was disturbed by the oppressive political climate and poor economic conditions there, and decided to change his political views. Over the next several decades, Smith’s political views slowly shifted to the right. In the 1980s, he voted for Ronald Reagan.

After a few years, he was less sure of his political views. He felt the need for a new anchor. He grew increasingly concerned about the future after the Jan. 6 insurrection. This prompted him to devote more time to religion, and he and his wife began attending church on a regular basis. Today, Smith teaches Sunday school at the local church.

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