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They are redefining the digital landscape in Sweden

Published: October 31, 2022, 11:10 amOver 3,000 new job opportunities and investments that increased Sweden’s GDP by SEK 3.6 billion – at least. The establishment of Amazon Web Services redraws the digital map and creates important conditions for Sweden to be able to retain the leadership in the digital transformation.Read more about Amazon Web ServicesAmazon is the online bookstore that grew into the world’s largest e-commerce company and branched out into everything from streaming services, its own grocery store chains – and Amazon Web Services. – The enormous growth rate that Amazon had required that it develop a digital infrastructure in a class of its own. By founding Amazon Web Services, we wanted to democratize that cloud service technology and make it available to the entire world. Today, the cloud makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to increase the pace of innovation and compete globally, says Danielle Gorlick, Head of Engagement & Strategy EMEA at Amazon Web Services, who works from the company’s Stockholm office. AWS established itself seriously in Sweden in 2014 and today has offices in all Nordic countries. In Sweden, the offices are located in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Since 2018, Sweden is also an infrastructure region where the company operates three large data centers (what the company calls Availability Zones) in Eskilstuna, Västerås and Katrineholm. – We saw that Sweden was one of the most interesting markets, with a high level of digital maturity and a well-developed infrastructure . But we also saw a need for further development in order to be able to continue to be at the forefront of the digital transformation, says Danielle Gorlick.Danielle Gorlick, Head of Engagement & Strategy EMEA at AWS.Danielle Gorlick, Head of Engagement & Strategy EMEA at AWS.

Billion increase in Sweden’s GDP

Between 2017 and 2020, AWS invested over SEK 5.8 billion in the construction and operation of the infrastructure region, which had many and large positive spillover effects. According to a report from autumn 2021, the establishment in Sweden has created 1,145 jobs per year, and contributed to the country’s GDP increasing by SEK 3.6 billion. And with a large and steadily growing customer base that benefits from the cloud, AWS continues to invest with a focus on the Nordics. – The pandemic has fast-forwarded digital development years into the future, and we see a great need for both cloud services and infrastructure. During 2021-2022, we expect that our investments will lead to approximately 850 more jobs annually and increase GDP by another SEK 2.2 billion, says Danielle Gorlick.

Renewable energy 2025

In connection with the establishment of the infrastructure region, AWS has also started several training programs to increase the availability of relevant skills. – In Sweden, for example, we have a two-year program for data center engineers in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences in Eskilstuna and Västerås. In the programs, the students also get the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test in our data centers, says Danielle Gorlick. The establishment of AWS and other cloud service providers in Sweden has occasionally been debated, among other things because cloud services require high electricity consumption, but there are also counterarguments – not least economies of scale. A report from 451 Research calculates that the energy saving compared to achieving the same computing power in traditional server halls is as great as 80 percent. – The services are needed and the technology we use means that they are more energy efficient than the alternatives. Amazon has also committed to all infrastructure worldwide to be powered by renewable energy by 2030. We are happy to announce that today we are in the phase to reach that goal as early as 2025, says Danielle Gorlick. Data protection is a central issue for Sweden and other EU countries must achieve the digitization goals.Read more about AWS Data Protection work here. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with AWS and not an article by Dagens industri

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