Ripple CEO breaks silence and responds to SEC accusations

Charlie Taylor

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has addressed the charges of offering bribes to scholarships to list XRP, but users complain that the response was not straightforward.
In a series of publications on Twitter, Ripple's CEO addressed some "unproven claims" that were outlined in the SEC lawsuit that was filed against the company last month.
He says he is not able to go into details publicly, but he chose to mention a few key issues, however.
In response to the question of whether Ripple would have paid exchanges to list XRP, Garlinghouse said that Ripple has no control over which exchanges are listing or withdrawing XRP, claiming that the token is "open source and decentralized". Still, he avoided answer directly to the question of whether or not Ripple was trying to buy its entry into Coinbase and Gemini, as the SEC claims.Coinext 760x150

Although Ripple was sued by Tetragon, the company's main investors, Garlinghouse also said that its shareholders "still have faith in the company".

"We are disappointed that Tetragon (which owns 1.5% of Ripple) is trying to gain unfair advantage through the SEC's allegations," he said.

The CEO also addressed the distribution of tokens to his first customers, saying that this was completely legal.

“We provide some customers, especially pioneers, with incentives to use EAD – that is (the basics for) building a payment network (and totally legal). All payment networks (PayPal, Visa, MC, etc.) have or still use incentives. ”

But as for the lawsuit, Garlinghouse claimed that Ripple's response is coming in a few weeks.

“When are you filing with the SEC? Why are you quiet? The legal process can be slow! Things may seem quiet, but there is a lot going on behind the scenes. We will present our initial response within weeks. ”, He tweeted.

As we previously published, a pre-trial conference between the two parties will take place on February 22.
At the time this article is written, XRP is trading at R $ 1.95 at Foxbit with a 38% increase in the last 24 hours according to data from Coingolive.

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