Ripple Believes It Will Win SEC Case Around September, Lawyer Says

Charlie Taylor

XRP Photo: Kanchanara/UnsplashAttorney Jeremy Hogan, in recent tweets, spoke about his expectations following new findings from the Ripple-SEC case. Hogan claims that Ripple believes the case could end sometime between August 26 and November 18. He then said the case could be settled at any time. The enthusiastic XRP lawyer had previously predicted September for summary judgment and April/May for upcoming settlement negotiations.

According to the document shared by the lawyer, Ripple requested to reschedule the pending class action from the previously agreed date of August 26 to November 18, 2022. Hogan further explained that Ripple believes it can win the SEC case in September or October, after which the class action will be dismissed due to estoppel of warranty – a legal term that prevents a party from litigating an issue addressed in an earlier proceeding, even if the issue relates to a separate claim. Ripple agreed to postpone the California case to November to allow the SEC case to end. That means they think the SEC case will end before November,” he said.

Cryptolaw Founder Says What May Come Next After Discovery Phase

In response to an XRP user, Cryptolaw founder John Deaton, shared their expectations after the close of expert discovery in the Ripple process. The forensic discovery phase of the litigation came to an end on February 28, after being delayed several times to conduct more depositions. The XRP user asked, “I thought the discovery phase was over last week? Are there more findings after the FND (fair warning defense) decision?” The Cryptolaw founder then replied: “There are some admission requests and perhaps interrogations that are only answered if she denies the motion to attack. Furthermore, if she denies individual executives’ motion to dismiss they may seek further discovery.” Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse stated that Ripple was awaiting some court rulings. The court has yet to rule on the SEC’s pending motion to attack Ripple’s fair warning defense. ” in the John Deaton case. US District Judge Analyzing Torres has also yet to rule on the two motions to dismiss the lawsuit filed by individual defendants (Brad Garlinghouse and Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen). According to John Deaton, Ripple could pursue further discovery if the twin motions to close the lawsuit filed by the individual defendants are denied. the result of the process court, which seeks to determine whether or not XRP was sold as an unregistered security, can significantly move the price of the crypto asset.At the time of writing, XRP was trading around $0.74, up 1.39% on the daily chart, according to Coingolive.See too:Buy and Sell Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies on Coinext
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