Report: S-government has increased the gaps


Increased gaps and more for the rich. This is the result of the government’s budget cooperation to the right, according to the trade union think tank Katalys. “If you want equality, the Green Party and the Left Party must be involved,” says debater Daniel Suhonen.Published: August 27, 2022, 7:21 p.mKatalys has reviewed them the state budgets of the last two mandate periods based on distribution policy effects, and based on statistics from Statistics Sweden. According to the report “It makes a difference who governs”, the gaps between the poorest and the rich have increased during all budget collaborations S had during the mandate periods – except when they collaborated with the Green Party and the Left Party.” can it be a good distribution policy,” says the social democratic debater Daniel Suhonen, head of Katalys. Suhonen, on the other hand, likens the last term to a shaky journey, where the government’s state budget was “shot down” by various majorities on the right.TT: Based on the parliamentary situation – could S have done differently?
“I was very clear before the signing of the January agreement – there were problems with that negotiation. And you can always negotiate one more lap.” More to the rich, less to the very poorest – claims the report which is now being presented in the middle of the election campaign. How does the distribution policy according to it look more specifically? According to Katalys, reforms during the most recent term of office have meant income increases for almost everyone – except for the tenth of the population with the lowest incomes – compared to the previous term. The richest tenth of the population received just under SEK 5,000 in reduction of disposable income during the term of office 2014–2018. In contrast, the mandate period that followed increased the group’s income by almost SEK 21,000. At the same time, the poorest tenth of the population saw a combined increase of SEK 2,500 during the previous term. During this period, however, the increase was only SEK 1,400. Least of all groups and very dependent on the right-wing budget in 2019, according to Katalys. such movement to sit in government for almost a decade, where the divisions are allowed to grow.” The recipe?
“You can lower taxes for certain groups and raise them when it comes to luxury consumption and large fortunes. But the very best thing is to invest in general welfare policy, good schools, care and social care for all. Election day is approaching, and a stable government is probably at the top of the wish list for most people. Most things indicate that cooperation is required to get a government together in one direction. For the red block there are no alternatives, according to Suhonen who says that it will be a give and take. “But if S wants to implement what they say they want – then the collaboration must dare to lean to the left,” believes Suhonen and continues: “Then you also have to cooperate respectfully and humbly with C as well.”

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