Replik: Are the Social Democrats open to evaluating their predecessor country’s policy?


“Stop the attack on the industry’s restructuring” is how Fredrik Olovsson (S) begins his attack on the Sweden Democrats. He ends his speech with the following “The governing parties must simply find a backbone in relation to the Sweden Democrats, before Sweden loses its place in the global leadership cluster”. We are still wondering how things stand with regard to the Social Democrats’ attitude towards their left-wing comrades (MP, V and C)? We will return to that part.Let’s start with to reflect on what precisely the “global leadership cluster”, where Olovsson apparently places us, means for Sweden’s economic growth. Not in a single word does Olovsson touch on the fact that the previous S+MP government’s so-called pioneer country policy has brought us into a dead end – Sweden has the lowest growth in the entire EU. It is even so bad that Sweden, as the only country, will experience negative growth of 0.8 percent in 2023, according to the EU Commission. The average in the EU is plus 0.8 percent, while Sweden is thus a full 1.6 percentage points lower than that.We choose below four concrete examples of how it has gone for the type of precedent country policy advocated by Fredrik Olovsson – the Transport sector, the Energy sector, the Cement industry and Hybrit. We can now see the effect of the extreme reduction obligation that the former S+MP government introduced with increased bankruptcies in the transport sector of 150 percent, which means a doubling of the number of bankruptcies compared to a comparable time in the last 10 years. It is clear to us that the exorbitant fuel prices, which are a result of the S+MP government’s reduction duty, are now hitting full force in the transport sector.Through a combination of hydropower, nuclear power and cogeneration, in the mid-1980s Sweden had an extraordinarily powerful system for electricity production, which was already almost 100 percent fossil-free. This was combined with a very well thought out electricity grid, both technically and geographically, where hydropower in the north and nuclear power in the south were organized into electricity areas that were essentially in balance. delivers predictable energy supply, to replace weather-dependent wind power and increased use of the oil-fired power plant in Karlshamn. Something that has proven to be devastating both for Swedish industry and for Swedish citizens and the environment.The reluctance of the Social Democrats to see the risks and effects of the Environmental Code so cherished by the Green Party is easy to forget. However, not within the cement industry and the construction industry. Last winter, the Land and Environmental Court gave a positive decision in the matter surrounding Cementa’s quarrying of limestone in Slite on Gotland. However, only 4 more years. The idea that Cementa’s operations would not be able to continue to operate constituted a real threat to the Swedish economy and employment. Now, however, the County Administrative Board of Gotland and the Environmental Protection Agency are sharpening their knives to set the wheels in motion for the 20-year permit that Cementa is preparing. That’s how badly the Social Democrats’ environmental permit process works. The project most cherished by the Social Democrats is still Hybrit. Just the fact that we started asking critical questions about this project has created shock waves. The hybrid, fully developed, would require enormous amounts of electricity. About as much as half of Sweden’s current electricity production. It would thus be about electricity equivalent to several new nuclear power reactors, just to run a single industrial project. Thus not a single kWh to other electricity consumers in Norrland. This at the same time as the transport sector is to be electrified, and several other energy-consuming projects are planned. Where will all this newly produced electricity come from and at what cost, at least we think are reasonable questions to ask.To claim that the Social Democrats precedent country policy has been beneficial for Sweden is and remains a falsarium. Olovsson’s left-wing comrades usually claim that climate laws and environmental target systems are their gift to Sweden and the world – let’s for once challenge the Social Democrats to objectively dare to evaluate this precedent country’s policy, with climate laws and environmental target systems, and then we can have a serious debate on the issue. For information, we actually have a majority to carry out such an objective evaluation if now the Social Democrats have a backbone.Tobias Andersson (SD), member of the Riksdag and chairman of the Business Committee

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