Record attendance at Talent Land 2023 and CoinEx took crypto education to the next level


The Jalisco Talent Land innovation and entrepreneurship event, which took place from April 10 to 14 at Expo Guadalajara, exceeded all expectations. With a 55 percent increase in attendees compared to the 2022 edition, this event shows that its face-to-face format is key to its success.

More than 40,000 people attended in person, which is a great achievement after the pandemic years. In addition, 28 different activities were carried out focused on training highly specialized talent, culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and data science.

Activities and featured speakers at Jalisco Talent Land 2023.

The Jalisco Talent Land event has managed to offer different themes, and this year there were two new tourism and food lands. For this reason, representatives were sought for these areas and it was possible to fill all the stages at all times. All the speakers had something interesting to say, so the attendees really enjoyed their talks and activities.

At the event, attendees were able to enjoy 3,500 double-occupancy tents with the participation of 22 countries and more than 800 speakers. Of the total attendees, only 5,000 paid their ticket, while the rest received scholarships.

Talent Land is a place where they have been able to find employment opportunities, learning and technological activities during the four days of the event.

Workshops and activities in Jalisco Talent Land 2023.

The Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology (SICyT) of Jalisco highlighted the importance of training highly specialized talent and the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Jalisco Talent Land event.

A total of 28 different activities focused on these topics were carried out, in addition to dissemination workshops that added more than 30 hours of content. The SICyT had a second space focused on promoting Higher Technological Education.

CoinEx role in Jalisco Talent Land 2023.

CoinEx, a platform specialized in cryptographic assets and derivatives, has been able to contribute its grain of sand in Jalisco Talent Land 2023, providing opportunities for attendees to obtain exclusive products and free cryptocurrencies through its stand, which will allow people to get a closer look at the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With this, the platform was able to add more than 1,200 registrations to offer services to the entire cryptographic community worldwide that continues to grow.

The company, based in Hong Kong and established in the year 2017, aims to simplify cryptocurrency trading and promote education in blockchain technology. It offers a wide variety of affordable products and investment options in more than 200 countries around the world.

CoinEx works together with various entities and collaborators to promote the dissemination and teaching of blockchain technology and digital assets in Latin America and other parts of the planet.

What awaits Talent Land?

It has been officially announced that Talent Land will take place in Malaga, Spain, from July 3-6. The attendance of 10,000 people is expected and an investment of 1.5 million euros will be required. This is a great step for Talent Land, as it shows that the event is expanding and becoming an international benchmark.

Jalisco Talent Land 2023 was a great success in its face-to-face format. The event managed to attract over 40,000 attendees and exceeded all expectations. In addition, the training of highly specialized talent and the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship are essential for the event.

The next edition of Talent Land promises to be just as exciting, and the expansion of the event to Spain shows that it is becoming an international benchmark.

Thank you for everything Jalisco. We had a super cool time!

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