Reasons to join the CoinEx Ambassador Program: Earn commissions on futures up to 50%, daily returns in USDT and referral commissions for KOLs


For KOLs planning to earn commissions by inviting new users, choosing a trading platform with a low entry threshold and attractive commissions are keys to higher returns. With that being said, which one should they go with among the many platforms that currently exist? Today, we will compare CoinEx, Binance, and Kucoin in terms of their entry threshold, rules and ratio of referral fees, and target group.

I. CoinEx has a more flexible evaluation method: you only have to invite 3 traders per month

1. The Binance Affiliate Program

Binance offers referral commissions through the Binance affiliate program, which asks KOLs to record an average monthly trading volume of at least $660,000. Meanwhile, affiliates must also invite at least 5 traders to meet the evaluation criteria.

2. The Kucoin Affiliate Program

In the affiliate program KuCoinsaffiliates must invite 33 new users (monthly average), 7 of which must generate a very good business volume.

3. The CoinEx ambassador program

Let’s see the classification and evaluation criteria of the CoinEx ambassadors:

RankingMonthly trading volume of referralsNumber of referred users (per month)Commissions %Silver≥ $500,000≥ 340%Gold≥ $1,000,000≥ 345%Diamond≥ $5,000,000≥ 550%

We can say that the ambassadors of CoinEx They will qualify for evaluation as long as the referral trading volume last month reaches $500,000 or the number of referred users reaches 3. Once qualified, they will be able to earn 40% referral commissions. Compared, CoinEx it has the lowest threshold for referral commissions, and ambassadors are only required to invite 3 traders per month.

II. CoinEx offers the highest referral fees for futures trading up to 50%


The Binance Affiliate Program divides futures trading by spot trading when calculating trading volume per referral: the referral commission ratio for Spot affiliates ranges from 41% to 50%, while that for Futures Affiliate It goes from 30% to 40%. In other words, futures affiliates can only receive referral commissions of 40% maximum, regardless of the referred trading volume.


At Kucoin, the highest referral fees for spot trading and futures trading is 45%.


In CoinEx, commissions for referrals are higher reaching up to 50%, and the total trading volume of the referral covers spot, margin and futures. In other words, the futures trading volume made by the referred traders will be included in the total trading volume. In addition, an ambassador from CoinEx You will receive 50% commissions as long as the trading volume of referrals monthly reaches $5 million and the number of referred merchants reaches 5 monthly.

It is clear that CoinEx offers higher commissions (up to 50%) for futures trading on referrals than Binance and Kucoin. At Binance, futures affiliates typically receive 30% commissions and will earn 40% when the transaction fees paid by the referred futures merchants reach $15,000, indicating a trading volume per referral of approximately 37,500. $000 to $50,000,000. Such requirements are impossible for many KOLs to meet. Additionally, a KOL with the same amount of monthly referral trading volume could earn 50% commissions on CoinExwhile he or she could only earn 45% in Kucoin.

III. CoinEx offers lifetime commissions and daily returns in USDT


On Binance, commissions for spot affiliates last forever, while futures affiliates can only receive commissions on fees generated by the same referred trader for 1 year. If an affiliate wishes to extend the validity of their futures commissions, then the transaction fees paid by the referred futures traders must reach $15,000, indicating a referral trading volume that should range from $37,500,000 to $50,000,000.


On Kucoin, spot commissions and futures commissions are valid for one year.


The ambassadors of CoinEx they receive lifetime commissions on the fees paid by futures merchant referrals as long as they remain an ambassador.

Also, on Binance, futures commissions are paid in USDT, and spot commissions are paid in the corresponding cryptocurrency.

CoinEx, on the other hand, pays futures/spot commissions in USDT on a daily basis. As such, commissions earned by ambassadors from CoinEx they will not fluctuate due to price changes. This also means they can analyze their returns more directly.

IV. CoinEx has no level caps or exclusive requirements – ambassadors can earn commission on fees paid by all referred users

At Binance, the definition of referred traders only includes users with a VIP level no higher than VIP2. In other words, no commissions will be available for KOLs who have invited traders with a VIP level above VIP2.

Nevertheless, CoinEx offers referral commissions on fees generated by all users, without any VIP limits. Additionally, CoinEx ambassadors do not have to sign any exclusivity agreements or requirements, which means that KOLs are not bound by CoinEx and they can choose to work with other platforms as they see fit.

V. CoinEx offers an additional 5% reward for 2 consecutive years for ambassadors for their referrals

In terms of the internal referral, on Kucoin, once the invitee becomes a Kucoin affiliate, the referrer will receive a 5% commission contributed by the sub-affiliate for one year. Recently, CoinEx introduced a new approach to internal referral: the Ambassador referral program, which offers Ambassadors 5% of the additional reward for 2 consecutive years, contributed by their referrals who have become Ambassadors. By comparison, the internal referral policy of CoinEx it is friendlier and more beneficial.

Through the above comparisons, we can conclude that the CoinEx Ambassador Program It features the easiest reviews, the highest commission ratio, and has a better internal referral policy. Also, in CoinEx, all users are considered referred merchants. There are no exclusivity requirements, and KOLs are allowed to work with other platforms. Furthermore, it will be more and more difficult for them to join Binance to get higher referral fees, as the exchange has already taken a big focus on the crypto market.CoinEx, a rising star in the world of Cryptocurrency Exchanges, available in 16 languages, has already gained increasing recognition among crypto users through its secure and reliable trading system, all-inclusive product range and user experiences. satisfactory. Backed by accumulated momentum, CoinEx boasts limitless potential in the crypto space. Meanwhile, the Ambassador Program of CoinEx it remains uncharted territory for many Crypto KOLs. Attracted by easier evaluations, higher commissions and more flexible mechanisms, a growing number of KOLs are now joining CoinEx as ambassadors.

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