Realtor migrates to the metaverse and makes millions in cryptocurrencies

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Janine Yorio lives in New York and specializes in real estate, she has built a career turning bold real estate ideas into financially viable companies. With necessary knowledge about the market, she combined hunger with the desire to eat to build her castle in the metaverse. Janine YorioJanine Yorio, CEO of EveryrealmIn 2017 she founded Compound, a real estate investment platform, which today includes diversification options in new cryptocurrency projects. after the covid-19 pandemic, Yorio noticed that digital assets could be as valuable as real ones.Real estate investments available at Compound, Janine's company.Real estate investments available at Compound, Janine’s company. The passion for cryptocurrencies and the vision of a market with an excellent risk-return ratio made the entrepreneur dive headfirst into the metaverse. After Coumpound was purchased and renamed Republic, Yorio founded Everyrealm, a 100% crypto-focused project.

Virtual real estate market in 2021 and 2022

According to an article published on CNBC, land sales in the metaverse generated $500 million in sales in 2021 and could double this year, according to analyst firms. metaverse profits. “There are big risks, but potentially big rewards,” she told CNBC. asymmetric reward risk) without the negatives (resource/debt margin) and is also an uncorrelated asset class that compensates for market volatility.” Through Everyrealm, the businesswoman sells land, islands and even luxury yachts, but all items are virtual.virtual luxury yachtVirtual luxury yacht It’s a really new world, the motivations that make someone shell out so much money to give away virtual items are quite different from the obvious reasons to pay for a house to live in. The possibility of being Snoop Dogg’s neighbor in the Sandbox, for example, brings immeasurable value to a fan of the classic hip hop artist. According to Yorio, the location of your virtual terrain isn’t even the most important issue, as in some universes you can teleport anywhere, so the attraction of your terrain is what matters. casino, making players feel like they are in Las Vegas, and earning a lot of money from it. A cryptocurrency exchange can establish its business there and offer its financial services in a much more interactive way.Exchange in DecentralandCryptocurrency exchange in the metaverse All this means that a new economy is being created and several people are already working and generating income in the metaverse. But how to become a metaverse broker and make money from it, you may be wondering. The good news is that you don’t have to comply with several requirements of a common broker, such as performing a supervised internship and requesting registration with CRECI, just be willing to learn. We talked to a virtual land broker on the Satoshi Connection podcast, listen below. Did you think the million dollar land market in the metaverse looks like a bubble? So you’re not alone, Indiana University professor Edward Castronova said that “Metaverse land sales are often a pyramid scheme and have been around for over 20 years.” While the NFT is a much more recent invention, the reviewer cited Second Life and other virtual world options. The main argument is that there is no shortage of truth in the metaverse, as everything is created from code, which can be replicated. However, it is worth noting that the scarcity of each digital asset only exists within an ecosystem. The code of most cryptocurrencies is open and available for copying, for example, but it’s no use having a copy of an asset and not being able to copy the entire network effect, the community of users who attribute value to virtual currencies. opinion on the matter? Are virtual realtors visionaries literally laying the groundwork for a new world or are they basically trading hot potatoes, waiting for an inevitable bust? Leave a comment below and follow the crypto market news on the networks | Telegram | twitter | Facebook | Instagram | from Cointimes.Buy Bitcoin on Coinext
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