Ragnarok Online wins play to earn version with cryptocurrencies and NFT


Ragnarok Play to Earn An absurd fever in the past decade, Ragnarok Online has always banned the sale of in-game items and currency for…

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An absurd craze for the past decade, Ragnarok Online has always banned the sale of in-game items and currency for real money, although you couldn’t completely prevent players from earning money from the game. Now, an unofficial version of the game has emerged that promises to facilitate the monetization of items and in-game money.

For those who have never played Ragnarok, it is a Korean game in which players develop in different classes and attributes, join clans, explore missions and seek weapons and other equipment to, in the end, fight for castles.

Ro Zero NFT

On January 21 of this year, a private (unofficial) server called RO Zero was born with a new proposal to monetize the gaming of the famous MMORPG, the direct integration with cryptocurrencies and NFT.

Bear in mind that this is a new project and little is known about it so far, do your own research before considering any investment in this regard, even your own time in the game.

How to make money with RO Zero NFT?

In short, players will be able to exchange special in-game items for NFTs and Zeny (the traditional currency of Ragnarok) for ZERO cryptocurrency. ZERO is currently quoted at US$25.4.

In practice, a user needs to accumulate 100,000 Zeny in the game to convert into 1 ZERO token. In order to receive ELU or ORI, the player needs to acquire Elunium or Oridecon in the game.

You might remember these minerals if you’ve played Ragnarok before, but in RO Zero these items accumulate in a different way. First, the player needs to reach level 70 to start collecting these items through a kind of mining.

How to make money with Ragnarok
Diagram of all possible ways to earn tokens with RO Zero. See more details here.

Additionally, there is a liquidity pool available on the RO Zero website with current TVL of almost $60K for farming.

ZERO Farming

At the time of writing this article, the page that would give information about the creation of NFTs is still empty on the Wiki RO Zero site, where there are explanations about all aspects of this server.

As this version of Ragnarok is still in its infancy and has complexities related to blockchain technology, developments should proceed slowly. In fact, the server chose to start from Ragnarok episode 4, when the latest character classes did not yet exist.

Classes of Ragnarok

The server rate is 1/1/1, that is, there is no experience boost given by monsters or increased chance of item drops. In fact, MVP cards (considered by many to be the best items in the game) have a reduced chance of dropping to players.

An additional difficulty is that whenever your character dies, he will lose 5% of Zeny and 5% of experience, something unusual on Ragnarok’s private servers. However, paying players can be VIPs to lose just 2% on each kill, in addition to enjoying other perks such as a 10% experience bonus.

If you want to play Ragnarok on this server, you can register, connect your wallet and get started.

Remember that you can experience the game for free and do not take this content as an investment recommendation. Cryptocurrencies, especially newly created and without much liquidity, have high volatility.

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