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Swedish consulting companies awarded the title Gender Equality Consulting Company 2022

For the eighth year in a row, Cinode has read the latest annual reports to look at the overall outcome but also to examine what the gender distribution on the boards looks like.
Survey indicates a positive trend. More companies achieve the title “Equal consulting company” with at least 40 percent women. This year they are 15 consulting companies – last year the corresponding figure was 12. Published: June 3, 2022, 14: 22The average has increased marginally, from 31 percent in 2021 to 32 percent this year. In the years that we have done this study, it has gratifyingly happened a lot. Above all, the issue has taken up more space in the management room. But there is still a lot to do. – Fewer than every third employee is a woman and the total proportion of female employees has not increased significantly in the industry in recent years. On the other hand, the proportion of female managers has risen and there has also been a positive development in the boardroom, he says Mattias Loxico-founder of Cinode, the leading platform in Skills Management.
Antrop, ARC, BTS Group, Complyit, Ekan Management, Exsitec, Frontit, Influence, Iterio, Norconsult, PlantVision, Pulsen Group, Technogarden, Trivector and Tyrant awarded this year the award “Equal consulting company 2022”. They have at least 40 percent women in the workforce.
More women entrepreneurs for increased gender equalityCompanies find it difficult to attract more women and, in addition, companies face a tough challenge in ensuring that all the female employees they once invested in actually stay and do not leave the industry after a few years. Parental leave is often a critical point in women’s careers and they are not always given the same positive conditions to develop as their male colleagues. There is a lot left to do here. – Another factor that affects the ability to recruit more women is the skewed distribution regarding the proportion of women and men who start companies. At present, only 30 percent of the country’s all entrepreneurs are women. When more women choose to become owners, it creates positive effects in the form of entrepreneurial role models and strong networks that show that it is possible to succeed on your own. Initiatives such as Womentor, TechEq, Womengineer and Pink Programming inspire the industry and work for increased gender equality, says Mattias, who also runs Konsultpodden and Sweden’s largest consulting blog and newsletter about the consulting industry.
Consulting company with a female majority on the board
What does the gender distribution in the company boards look like this year? On average, 32 percent of women sit on the board and twelve consulting companies have at least half women on the boardroom. This year we find three companies with more women than men on the board, namely Sweco, Sylog and Technogarden.
CGI Sverige, Complyit, Gofore, Knightec, Knowit, Magello, Precio Fishbone, Softronic and Trivector has equal boards. The full list of the proportion of women among employees and boards in Swedish consulting companies can be found in our new report.
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