Property chills and continued stock market crash – the most important news of the week

Charlie Taylor

Planning reduces property owners’ administration

Published: June 8, 2022, 09:00 Updated: June 20, 2022, 10:23Properties with many companies in the group often have capacity challenges in the spring. The competence requirements for handling interest deduction restrictions or tax optimizing the properties are high. If you have had a tough time this spring, start planning for the autumn now. Anna Rosengren, Senior Advisor at Accountor, where she helps many real estate companies with their financial work, has the following tips for your planning. – Review the skills needs of the administration during the year. In addition to the usual financial work, are acquisitions, restructurings or mergers planned? Map the company’s available resources and skills. Supplement your resources with expert help for temporarily more difficult transactions. Review your financial flows. Automate the economic flows. Ensure that the company does the right thing regarding the handling of VAT and interest deduction restrictions, the tax optimization of the properties or the Income Tax process. Here, the real estate company and the group can save a lot of money, so if you are unsure, it can be cost-effective to get help. The right skills for all occasions are a challenge for many– Having your own VAT specialist, a tax specialist and a group specialist can often not be justified for a real estate company. But we have it on Accountor. My colleagues and I only do this for different real estate companies, so we are sharper in our knowledge than people who are well versed in economics. It is our job to always be up to date on all new rules in, for example, the VAT area and ensure that our customers use the rules in the most advantageous way for them, says Anna. Accountor is constantly trying to change the processes for the better and is at the forefront of automation of flows. They make sure you work efficiently with your finances. – Many companies think that they have an efficient process and are quite digital. But I have seen that we can often make a big difference by making further efficiencies. In addition, many real estate companies are too small to have both the most efficient processes and the best systems. When we collaborate, they can follow our systems and developed processes and thus gain a similar position as larger real estate companies. We have specialist expertise and are happy to provide advice and support to our customers on complex issues. We are, for example, good as support in acquisitions and sales processes. To the real estate companies that have had a hard time keeping up with the annual management in the spring, I would like to end by saying: Whether it is for a specific occasion, or a larger part of the work, leave these tasks to experts, you can devote yourself to other . Read Accountor’s information for property owners here. About Accountor:
Accountor is one of northern Europe’s largest full-service agencies in finance, payroll and HR. In Sweden, 300 employees in 8 locations support companies with services that involve security, relief, advice, long-term perspective and the opportunity to develop. Accountor has specialist expertise in real estate finance and helps companies to a more efficient economy and more efficient processes.Read more about Accountor’s services here. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Accountor and not an article by Dagens industri

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