Program gives tips on blockchain games for you to keep an eye on


Without a doubt blockchain games represent the new fever of the crypto world. By uniting cryptocurrencies with games, developers were able to create a new model called “Play-to-earn”.

This new game market is best known for Axie Infinity, but not limited to it. In April of this year, we introduced the subject with the article “ Gamer earns R$2 thousand a week with blockchain games ”, and since then the opportunities have been increasing.

Thinking to explain everything you need to know about this paradigm shift in games, the creator of the Bitnoob channel, Vinicius Ferreiro , will present a program on the Cointimes channel on Twitch.

The first episode takes place today (24/11) at 9 pm . Anyone can participate via chat to ask questions or simply join the conversation.

The live will be chat-model, like a podcast on cryptocurrencies, and will feature the presence of the CEO of Cointimes and Coingoback, Isac Honorato , as well as the editor-in-chief of Cointimes, Neto Guaraci , and the editor Gustavo Marinho .

In addition to the new program, Cointimes' Twitch channel also has the lives of the experienced Axie Infinity player, Marcos Paulo, who brings gameplays and drawings for places on Play, the “scholarship” of Coingoback.

Click here to subscribe to the channel and not miss any opportunity to stay up to date with the news on the market.

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