Preliminary figures: Netflix owns just over 94 percent of Next Games

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The right buyer, the right seller & the right price since 1979

Published: April 5, 2022, 9:00 AM Updated: April 11, 2022, 10:15 AMWith over 40 years on the market, Svensk FöretagsFörmedling has a long tradition of leading successful business deals. With broad competence and extensive experience, you are a safe and methodical partner on the road to a successful sale. Selling your company is a relatively extensive process with several steps. For many, it only happens once in a lifetime. With the help of the transaction advisers at Svensk FöretagsFörmedling (SFFAB), you get a combined business competence throughout the sales process, something that is crucial for optimizing the business. – We offer a comprehensive solution from analysis and valuation to negotiation and agreement. With a single contact, you get access to all the expertise needed even in the most complex transfers, says Peter Kieri, partner and transaction advisor in northern Sweden. Clear processThe work takes place under full discretion and confidentiality, both for the sake of the owner, staff, customers and suppliers. The focus is on the customer’s interests and each step aims to add the greatest possible value for him. Based on compiled information, the customer must be able to make decisions based on parameters that are in line with her wishes. – For each customer, a screening of the company is done so we become familiar with the business and map competitors and potential buyers. Everything must be done thoroughly, there are no shortcuts. Our safe process serves as a guide for both sellers and prospective buyers, which makes it easy to follow what is happening. That all parties feel secure is an important part of a successful business, says Torbjörn Hermansson, partner and transaction advisor in western Sweden.Nationwide organizationSvensk FöretagsFörmedling has local offices throughout Sweden with a unique local presence and knowledge with established and valuable networks within business, authorities and banks. Through close dialogue with all parties involved, they project manage the entire business. – Our extensive network of buyers, sellers and other key people is a strong asset because all businesses have their unique conditions and opportunities, says Torbjörn Hermansson.To think about if you are going to sellStart on time. An experienced buyer always wants to ensure the continuity of the deal (and secure his investment), which often means that he wants the previous owner to stay the time after the sale. Therefore, it is often crucial that the seller begins the process a couple of years before planning to leave. 2. Do not choose the first best. Many companies are often courted directly from buyers and choose to go ahead without having analyzed what the offer looks like in its entirety, something that can be very costly in the end. Even if the seller does not want to go out widely, SFFAB helps the bid to be negotiated first and foremost, but also that it lands in as presented. By exposing the bid to competition, you can get leverage in the deal and find more alternative buyers who come in with other or more perspectives. About Svensk FöretagsFörmedlingSince 1979, Svensk FöretagsFörmedling has been an entrepreneur-led independent transaction advisor in sales and acquisitions of companies and commercial properties. Our team has completed over 4,400 successful transactions where we have been advisors to privately owned companies, listed companies and investors. We are locally represented in 30 offices throughout Sweden and our assignments have a turnover of at least SEK 10 million. Welcome to an unconditional and free conversation about your transfer or acquisition plans! Call 010-206 78 77 or email [email protected] Find an advisor near you I want to know more about selling companies Read about completed transfers The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Svensk FöretagsFörmedling and not an article by Dagens industri

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