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“In the future we will be in the experience industry”

Published: 14 June 2022, 09:00 Updated: 20 June 2022, 15:40Henrik Eriksson, Workplace Strategy and Tennant Advisory, at Vasakronan and Anna Nordin, business area manager, office at Vasakronan. Photo: Gustav Kaiser As working life has changed, many employees ask themselves why they should come to the office at all? It is possible to work from home. A crucial question for many companies and organizations is what attracts people to a place? Vasakronan believes that the place’s content and experience value are becoming increasingly important in the development of the workplaces of the future. This places great demands on Vasakronan as a property owner. Therefore, the company constantly develops its customer offering based on experience, knowledge and close dialogues with tenants. Even though both working and living conditions are constantly changing, Vasakronan’s starting point for development is always the same: collaboration between people, place and technology. With that in focus, the real estate company not only delivers walls, roofs and connections, but more and more service and content that promotes company cultures, sustainability and health. The fact that the entire area around the property is lively and attractive with restaurants, shops, training and other services has also increased in importance. – We see that the range at street level is as important as in which area the office is located. That is why we invest a lot in creating pleasant, active and safe environments for everyone who moves in and around our properties, says Anna Nordin, business area manager, office at Vasakronan.Changes and opportunitiesAfter the pandemic, there are some clear differences regarding the role of the office. The office is now a hub for social gatherings, learning and development. Practical tasks are often done from home. There are also differences between ages where the younger ones tend to want to work in a context and get to know the corporate culture, while the more experienced go there because they have a role to play in the organization. – The office is a place for jobs but also for building culture, here ideas meet that develop both companies and people. – We also see that it is easier for business leaders to motivate an office where they share resources and places now that so many have worked from home. Therefore, it will be even more important for us to understand the customer’s needs, says Anna Nordin. This new landscape also opens up new opportunities when it comes to leading organizations, says Henrik Eriksson, Workplace Strategy and Tennant Advisory, at Vasakronan. – In the office, we are “impression-bombed” with lots of things in real time. Everything from the colleague’s smile, the computer’s interface, sound and light to the interior and atmosphere. For a leader, it is important to orchestrate these stimuli and use it as a leadership tool in the company’s desired transfer. One way to do this is by choosing office space. Henrik Eriksson compares with the differentiation within training chains, from open 24 hours a day with self-service to exclusive gyms where everyone is offered their own PT. – We must build places that meet the individual’s needs more than the company’s in order for us to get individuals who want to get there, who thrive and take their responsibility, he says. Digital universeIn the future, physical sites will also compete with digital ones like Metaverse. Future generations are already hanging in digital 2D worlds like Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite. Socializing via digital rooms is a matter of course for them. – Whether it will be a complement or a competitor no one knows today but I believe in a shift to 50/50. It may sound like a naughty movie now, but we must take it seriously and understand that we will spend more and more time in the digital universe. This means that we as property owners will need to be part of the entertainment industry, says Henrik Eriksson and is supported by Anna Nordin: – Many people think about what my company and my employees need in the future and there we can be a conversation partner, she says. About Vasakronan:
Vasakronan is one of Sweden’s largest real estate companies whose mission is to ensure that the owners of the first, second, third and fourth AP funds receive a high and risk-balanced return. A return that will benefit Sweden’s current and future pensioners. But never at the expense of the environment, people and the society in which we operate.Read more about Vasakronan here!The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Vasakronan and not an article by Dagens industri

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