Pope Benedict XVI – the secret of the defender of the faith


Benedict XVI during the Angelus prayer (January 28, 2007) / photo. Wikipedia It seems that with the departure of Benedict XVI to the house of the Father, an era has come to an end. Pope Emeritus, former associate of St. John Paul II, aroused great sympathy among thousands of believers around the world. The benevolent pope, who said goodbye to this world with the words “I love you, Jesus”, was, however, a relentless defender of the Catholic faith (this is also the title of his biographical book about Benedict XVI, Joseph Pearce). There were many symbolic events during yesterday’s funeral mass. Two black birds were circling above the heads of the faithful, soon joined by a third flying so low that it touched some people; then he flew away. And during the service, the faithful could observe how the dome of St. Peter, after the beginning of the funeral mass, hidden in the fog, suddenly appeared for a moment together with the cross shining in the sun – only for the time of the gospel. Such inscrutable events bring to mind the funeral of St. John Paul II and the breviary overturned on his coffin (page by page).

Secret of Benedict XVI

This is the title of the book by the famous Italian publicist, fatimologist and Vaticanist Antonio Socci. The book is an investigation in which Socci breaks down, among others, Benedict XVI’s decision to abdicate and raises many interesting and important aspects of the life of the Church.
The author claims that the source of Benedict XVI’s resignation from the throne of Peter and his choices could also be supernatural events. The journalist tries to find out the true (in his opinion) reasons for the abdication. The question arises: what is happening among the highest hierarchs of the Church that the pope from Germany decided to become pope-emeritus? In the background of Socci’s investigation, there is no shortage of references to the crisis of the Church, which, according to the columnist, is the most serious in the entire history of Roman Catholics.

Defender of the faith

Benedict XVI is one of the greatest popes in the history of the Church. As a defender of the faith, Pope Benedict XVI fought tirelessly and successfully against the forces of secularism, first as the steadfast Cardinal Ratzinger and then as the Church’s supreme pastor. “Pope Benedict XVI’s motto was «cooperatores veritatis» – collaborators of the truth. He understood his ministry as a priest, theologian, bishop and pope as serving the truth and strengthening others in the truth. At the same time, Joseph Ratzinger combined truth with love – he pointed to their irremovable interdependence. Truth must be sought, found and expressed in the economy of love, but, emphasizes Ratzinger, love in turn must be understood, valued and lived in the light of truth. He points out that without truth, love becomes sentimentalism, becomes a word that can be freely understood. This is the inevitable risk of love in a culture without truth. It falls prey to emotions and transient opinions of individuals, it becomes an overused and distorted word, it takes on the opposite meaning, recalled Father Dariusz Kowalczyk. As an uncompromising defender of the dignity of the human person, Benedict XVI struggled with the wickedness of the world in a constant fight against the dictatorship of relativism and its culture of death. In the Church, he wrestled with the spirit of the world in his clash with modernism and its cult of the spirit of the age, restoring the splendor of truth in defense of orthodoxy and the splendor of the liturgy in defense of tradition. He devoted his reflection to faith and reason at the Angelus on January 28, 2007. In it, he stated, among other things: “When man limits himself to thinking only about material and experiential matters, closing himself off to the great questions about life, himself and God, will become poorer. The relationship between faith and reason poses a serious challenge to the dominant culture of the Western world today. Probably many years later, Catholics will still look back on the enduring legacy of Pope Benedict XVI with immense gratitude, because he successfully led the Church in love and truth against the evil that wanted (and wants) to consume him. Today, you can meet Benedict XVI by reading his works, watching film recordings, homilies, interviews and reading about him – for example, journalistic investigations and biographies. And answering the question about the secret of Benedict XVI – for me it is the humble service of the pope, who remained a modest priest until the end. Regardless of the circumstances.
History is happening before our eyes.

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