Ponsse forest machine number 19,000 completed at the factory in Vieremä


We would like to thank the group from Elliot Henderson and the Royal Burgh of Annan Pipe Band for coming to Vieremä to celebrate the 19,000 machine milestone with us. – As far as I know, this is the first time that a bagpipe orchestra has played in the village of Vieremä. This makes the day even more special for us all as this is the first machine for Ponsse UK which is a milestone. We will remember this day for many years to come, says Gary Glendinning, CEO of Ponsse UK.
Elliot Henderson Ltd
Elliot Henderson Ltd is headquartered in Selkirk, Scotland. Elliot Henderson Ltd was established more than 35 years ago. The company then worked with tree planting with a few employees. Over the years, the business has grown and branched out into forestry, construction work and scaffolding. Today, Elliot Henderson Ltd consists of more than 40 forestry machines capable of felling, thinning, felling on steep slopes, land preparation and forest road construction. Elliot Henderson Ltd also has capacity to clear brush, remove stumps and service the biomass industry. The company is also a founding member of the Forest Industry Safety Accord and a member of the Forestry Contractors Association. As Elliot Henderson Ltd has been a customer of Ponsse for more than 20 years, it is a fitting symbol of the relationship between customer and manufacturer that this milestone in the form of machine number 19,000 joins the fleet. – Elliot Henderson Ltd has always been at the forefront of new machine launches over the years, which in turn has ensured that the logging fleet has been productive and at the forefront of innovation. We are delighted to add this Scorpion Giant to the machinery fleet. This machine will immediately start working in the windfalls caused by the storm Arwen. The extra power and the H8 harvester unit will be of great use to us here. We look forward to seeing what it can do! We currently use a Scorpion, an Ergo, three Elephants and a Buffalo, says Neil Purves, Head of Logging for Elliot Henderson Group.
Ponsse UK
Ponsse UK was founded in 1996, and since 2017 the company has operated in Annan, Scotland. The first PONSSE forest machine was delivered to the country back in 1994. The forest machine fleet now consists of approximately 400 Ponsse machines. About 30 professionals from Ponsse work at the service center in Annan. PHOTOS: https://kiukkonen.kuvat.fi/kuvat/Private/ponsse170223/ (Password : media24Be) More information: Marko Mattila, Sales, Service and Marketing Manager, Ponsse Plc, tel.+358 400 596 297, marko. [email protected] Gary Glendinning, CEO, Ponsse UK and Ponsse Machines Ireland Ltd. tel. +44 7753 720 906, [email protected] For the forest magazines: The PONSSE Scorpion Giant harvester Launched last year, the PONSSE Scorpion Giant is a versatile harvester for demanding conditions. The Scorpion Giant can be fitted with either the H8 harvester unit or one of Ponsse’s smaller harvester units. The Scorpion Giant incorporates many solutions familiar from the Scorpion product range that have now been further developed, including increased traction and an even more powerful C50+ crane. The cab provides an excellent overview of the felling site and the machine is equipped with advanced systems for active leveling and damping. The PONSSE Scorpion Giant is fitted with a new windshield in a section that goes all the way to the roof of the cab. This means that the visibility from the cab becomes even better, and the work becomes safer in all types of conditions. The cabin is like a practical and quiet office with a nice view and has been developed for the operator’s comfort and well-being. See full press release and other news from this company at Cision News.
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