Pix: Central Bank estimates system will be paid later this year

Charlie Taylor

Pix is ​​the Central Bank (BC) payment and electronic transfer system, and the monetary authority intends that the tool will start to be paid later this year. At least this is what a proposal for standards for Pix Saque and Pix Troco, whose services make it possible to withdraw money from commercial establishments. The novelty is under public consultation. According to the BC, one of the rules set forth is the possibility for users to make up to four free withdrawals per month with a limit of R $ 500 per day. Also read: PIX will not have dedicated security and BC will not will be responsible for hacks

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If this amount is exceeded, the banks responsible for the operation may charge a fee and thus Pix will be paid. The forecast is that the new tools will be available in the second half of 2022. The user will log in to his account bank by cell phone and read a QR Code made available at the cashier. Once this is done, you must choose the amount you want to withdraw and approve the transaction. So, instead of receiving a product, the user will keep the cash in cash from the merchant. In relation to Pix Saque, the transaction is involved only for money. In the case of Pix Troco, the withdrawal is combined as a purchase. The user could purchase a product on the market and, when making the payment, would make a transaction with a higher value, receiving the difference back in cash. Just click here if you are already an investor


The Central Bank's proposal also determines that merchants will be able to define their own rules, such as establishing the days of the week when the service will be available, if they will offer one or both services, and how the withdrawal will be made, if it will only be in bank notes. R $ 10 or R $ 50.The BC believes that the services will provide more convenience to the user, as it will expand the extension of the withdrawal service, and will encourage competition, with more points of offer and pricing of the withdrawal service, mainly in relation to digital financial institutions and all other banks that do not have their own branch or ATM network. Originally published in 1 Billion Financial Education.

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