Petrobras (PETR4) promotes sixth consecutive increase in fuel prices

Charlie Taylor

Petrobras announced yesterday (8) a new increase in the prices of gasoline and diesel charged at its refineries. In the case of gasoline, the increase is the sixth of the year, and the average price of the liter will rise from R $ 2.60 to R $ 2.84, an increase of about 9.2%. the announced readjustment is from R $ 2.71 to R $ 2.86, an increase of about 5.5%. In the case of this fuel, the increase is the fifth of the year. The last readjustment had been announced by the state company on March 1 and, before that, there were increases on February 18, February 8, January 26 and January 18, day when only the price of gasoline was readjusted. At the end of last year, a liter of fuel cost R $ 1.84 at refineries, R $ 1 less than the price reached today.

Petrobras: pprice policy

Petrobras' pricing policy seeks to align the price of refineries with those of the international market, which also makes the price sensitive to the value of the real against the dollar, the currency in which negotiations take place abroad.

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According to the state-owned company, maintaining this alignment is essential to ensure that the Brazilian market is supplied without risk of shortages. The company states that, just as the price goes up when there is an increase in the international market, it also falls when the increase in supply in the world devalues ​​these fuels. Petrobras also highlights that these variations in the international market and the exchange rate “have limited influence” in the final price that consumers find at gas stations. "Until it reaches the consumer, federal and state taxes, costs for the acquisition and mandatory mixing of biofuels are added, in addition to the gross margins of the distribution companies and the fuel retail stations".

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