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This is how you take control of the company’s protected information

Published: May 16, 2023, 10:00 a.m. Updated: May 29, 2023, 11:58 a.m.Around 85 percent of the information your organization creates and manages is likely suitable for the cloud. The rest need significantly more secure protection, says security expert Nicklas Haglund. The broad cloud transformation of recent years has led to many people now putting the most important things they have in the hands of third parties. Business-critical information is stored in the cloud, and customers simply have to trust that the cloud provider is in full control. – Most companies and organizations are sitting on information that they should put extra protection around. Now we see a movement where more people want to put more information in private clouds or other locally run solutions. It is judged that the information worth protecting is too valuable to be posted on random server halls, says Nicklas Haglund, founder and CEO at Basalt. “The market has caught up”Basalt was started to provide authorities under the Ministry of Defense with compliant and secure IT solutions. During the rapid digitization, these organizations have remained in the “on-prem world”, where IT systems are installed and run locally. When many actors now want to return to that world, Basalt’s customer group is broadening. – The market has caught up with our business concept, states Nicklas Haglund. Basalt has developed an IT platform to build and manage IT systems that meet military requirements for classified information. The platform is called Basalt Craton, and is in practice an architecture that makes it possible to create secure, manageable and cost-effective IT environments. – During the development of Craton, we have plugged every imaginable hole. We usually jokingly say that customers only need to use an on and off button and a volume button, everything else is automated to create full traceability, quality and control, says Nicklas Haglund. “Strong and tenacious protection”Manual laying on of hands is not permitted. All administrative actions are logged. In this way, threats from within the organization are also curbed. – Many build a shell protection around the IT environment, for example in the form of a firewall to prevent intrusions. It’s sprinkling on security when it’s too late. Instead, we build a very strong and tenacious protection into the system itself. “Security by design” is a buzzword today, but it has been our business concept since the start in 2009, says Nicklas Haglund.Five questions for increased security 1. What kind of information do you have that is worth protecting? 2. What would happen if this data fell into the wrong hands? 3. What restrictions in user authorization can you imagine making to minimize risks? 4. What rules of conduct do you need to have – should it be okay for employees to handle business-critical data on the same wifi that their children use? 5. What efforts do you need to make to secure the IT environment? Read more about the Basalt Craton here. About Basalt Basalt AB has its head office in Enköping and an office in Stockholm. The company is part of the Omegapoint group and has approximately 100 employees. Basalt works with customers who have Sweden’s highest security requirements. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Basalt AB and not an article by Dagens industri

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