Pantera Capital director believes in exponential growth of ETH in the current cycle

Charlie Taylor

Joey Krug, co-director of investments at the investment company Pantera Capital, said that ether has great growth potential in the current expansion cycle due to its market dominance in the execution of smart contracts and DeFi protocols. In fact, several cryptocurrencies that have blockchains that execute smart contracts, such as Polkadot and Cardano, have gotten big valuations in the last few weeks.

The vast majority of the value in this system (decentralized finance) is being negotiated on top of smart contracts written in Ethereum. The net present value of transaction fees from the global settlement layer for all finances is a considerable number.

With favorable winds driving the second largest cryptocurrency, Krug says he believes ETH could reach $ 18,000 in the current bullish run. “It is an insanely cheap asset compared to anything else in public markets. (…) It is not totally crazy to imagine Ethereum growing 5 to 10 times from here. (…) As the market gains confidence that DeFi is here to stay and is not a fad, (…) things will start to be evaluated by price / revenue / growth at DeFi. "

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The famous investor Roaul Pal, believes that ether can surpass BTC in market capitalization in the next 10 years.

There will be many huge winners, many failures, many scams, many false dawns, but in the end, trillions and trillions of value will accumulate in digital assets, tokens, protocols and cryptocurrencies that bring it all together. My guess is that BTC is a perfect layer, but ETH may be higher in terms of market capitalization in 10 years.

For Pal, the tokenization of shares, derivatives and other financial market products should boost the use of the Ethereum network and, consequently, cause an increase in prices.Read more: $ 37 trillion wealth transfer should boost Bitcoin, according to Mark Yusko

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