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Long-termism in practice – this is how the Ernström Group prepares for future generations

Published: June 20, 2023, 9:00 a.m. Updated: June 28, 2023, 10:07 a.m.Image/copyright: Armatec AB A safe and stable society for future generations can only be created through long-term planning. Therefore, the industrial group Ernströmgruppen has a strong focus on promoting sustainable alternatives within the industries in which they are active. – We are committed to companies that in their direct delivery make the world a little better, says Alexander Wennergren Helm, CEO of the Ernströmgruppen. The Ernströmgruppen is an entrepreneur management company in the fourth generation. Since the beginning, they have been driven by an ambition to be progressive, and not least in terms of sustainability. Over the years, they have developed their business model from being a simple construction trade to becoming today’s group of successful industrial technology companies. – Our idea is to build successful industrial business areas by working with our focus areas: employees, customers and sustainability. Through well-thought-out acquisitions, we have connected talented entrepreneurial leaders and become even stronger, explains Alexander Wennergren Helm.Not just a moral responsibilityToday, a major focus is on promoting sustainable alternatives within the industries where the Ernström Group is active. Climate and environmental responsibility are high on the agenda, for several reasons. – It is not only about a moral responsibility but to the highest degree about a business position, about good business benefit and long-term competitiveness, Alexander explains and elaborates: – The simplest thing is to being short-term, while long-termism requires so much more from an entrepreneur. But our companies cannot only be relevant now – they must also be successful in the future. With that approach, sustainability is integrated automatically.Business areas for integrated sustainability workA central part of the integrated sustainability work is the business areas Automation and Control, Flow Technology and Water and Energy. In practice, this means that they invest in companies that, for example, promote energy conservation, sustainable technical flow systems for construction and industry, solar energy and water management. Hand in hand with the long-term, sustainable work is also the ambition to be a good social actor with a vocation that is greater than economic growth. Through the Ernström Foundations, they contribute financial support to various organizations that promote a socially sustainable society as well as scholarships to students at universities and colleges. – We see it as a small contribution to a good social climate, explains Alexander.“We are preparing for the fifth and sixth generations”The Ernströmsgruppen’s goal is to contribute to a society where people, the environment and the economy are at the center – by acquiring and managing strong and sustainable companies that can grow and improve over time. – With us, the companies end up in a context that allows them to draw benefit from each other. We are a family business in the fourth generation and are preparing for the fifth and sixth generations. Our companies must be best in class, concludes Alexander Wennergren Helm.About the Ernström GroupThe Ernström Group is a family-owned industrial group that, together with entrepreneurs, builds better companies for future generations. The Ernström group’s business model is based on four generations’ experience of combining the best of small businesses; entrepreneurial spirit, commitment, and effective decision-making, with the best from large business, such as financial stability, structure and exchange of experience. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with the Ernströmgruppen and not an article by Dagens industri

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