Outlaw by financial pyramid with bitcoin suffers attempted murder and is arrested in São Paulo

Charlie Taylor

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) arrested one of the partners of Arbcrypto last Sunday (08) in Atibaia, in the interior of São Paulo, after he suffered an attempted murder. Enéas Tomaz, a fugitive from justice since 2020 on suspicion of bitcoin scams, was followed by two plainclothes military personnel who fired several shots at his BMW armored vehicle. SP soldiers were accompanied by two more civilians. Information is from Ponte.org. The case took place near Dom Pedro I Highway, after a request for police assistance made by an employee of the Hotel Tauá, where Tomaz would be staying. As he told PRF agents, he suspected he was being followed and asked for help. However, upon arriving at the scene, the agents were informed that Tomaz had left the hotel and that two cars had started to follow him. PRF located Tomaz inside a rural property asking for help. Then the military and the two civilians arrived; one of them, mentor of the 'action', introduced himself as a delegate and presented a portfolio of “federal human rights delegate”, reported Ponte. He confessed that he was the victim of a financial scam applied by Tomaz and that along with others he was monitoring him. Tomaz confessed to agents that he had an arrest warrant in his name and said those people were trying to kill him. The snipers approached and were also arrested. They were taken to the Atibaia police station. According to Ponte, the soldiers were taken to the Romão Gomes Military Prison, in the capital, while the other two suspects were detained.

wanted for bitcoin scam

Enéas Tomaz is part of a Civil Action filed at the Court of Justice of Goiás, where Alexandre Cesário Kwok and Marcos Evangelista de Morais are also cited. Arbcrypto, headquartered in Belize, Central America, claimed to be a technology solutions company focused on developing special tools for the cryptocurrency market. The business promised exorbitant profits with arbitrage for those who sent bitcoin, but left many customers without receiving. In 2019, the former captain of the Brazilian Soccer Team, Cafu, even promoted the business and that is why he was also mentioned in the records. It should be remembered that cryptocurrencies are volatile and it is impossible to guarantee a fixed income in this market. Broken financial pyramids  — Unick Forex, Midas Trend, Genbit, etc — reveal very well how this type of scam ends.

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