Online games using bitcoin gain traction with innovations

Charlie Taylor

Playing online with cryptocurrencies transparently and quickly has become very easy, especially with the creation of incentive tokens and cryptographically fair gaming system. See how this industry is evolving with the use of cryptocurrencies.

Dice and games with a provably fair system.

Currently, famous games like Dice and Crash from TrustDice company use the idea of probably fair. That is, games are cryptographically verifiable and therefore fair. Who has never heard the phrase “the house always wins”? The cliché is based on reality, generally online games and casinos had a much better chance of winning, but that is changing with the use of encryption.

How does Trust Dice's new economy and bitcoin online games work?

Betting is not an investment, at best a fun or hobby. This fun has been getting more and more interesting for gamers with the inclusion of cryptocurrency gamification tools. In addition to accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum (ether), EOS, USDT, credit and debit card as payment, platforms such as Trust Dice started to create their own tokens. TXT is a currency of the Trust Dice platform, where it is possible to staking TXT, receive dividends and trade it in decentralized brokers such as Uniswap. These tokens also serve as an incentive, the more games you play, the more tokens you earn. Just create an account with password and email.

playing without money

And the most interesting thing about all this is that players don't even need to have money to get started. Thanks to the divisibility of cryptocurrencies, platforms are able to give bonuses to those who don't have the money to test them. TrustDice offers a faucet, a way to earn free cryptocurrencies that even the creator of bitcoin himself supported. The level of gamification is so high that new online casinos already have a “Task Center”, where the player wins by doing simple tasks such as email configuration, following on social networks and other engagements.

gigantic variety of games

The variety of games draws attention, there are more than 2,000 casino games, craps and crash with bitcoin and even a betting system on sports games. How about using your football knowledge for something useful? I made a bet on the Brazil x Venezuela game that will take place in the Copa America, I can win up to 20x my capital if Venezuela wins, let's hope. Brazil vs Venezuela game betAnother important point in the sports betting model is that usually the house pays the first bet, this is what is happening now with TrustDIce. The strategy seems to have worked, especially in NBA games and the popular American basebaol. Entering the betting market has never been easier with the use of cryptocurrencies, even more so with so many incentives. Despite this, it is important to realize that betting is not an investment, it is fun, which happens to be extremely profitable.

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