One was deported to Turkey – immediately imprisoned


A man has been imprisoned in Turkey after being deported from Sweden. His asylum application was rejected last year. According to Turkey expert Paul Levin, the news will be received with open arms by Ankara.Updated: December 3, 2022, 5:23 p.mPublished: December 3, 2022, 17:04 The man, who came to Sweden in 2015, had applied for a residence permit after being sentenced to six years and ten months in prison by a Turkish court for collusion with the terrorist-labeled Kurdish organization PKK, writes the AFP news agency with reference to Turkish media .According to the state according to the news agency Anatolia, he was arrested by Swedish police and then put on a plane to Istanbul, where he landed on Friday. Shortly after arriving in Turkey, he was arrested and taken to court, where it was decided that he should be imprisoned. The deportation is confirmed by the man’s previous legal agent, Abdullah Deveci.”I last spoke to him on Thursday evening. Yesterday morning I tried to call him for several hours, but got no answer. In the evening I was informed that the expulsion had been carried out. It’s terrible. It doesn’t just affect him, it affects above all Swedish democracy and human rights,” says Deveci to TT. Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard (M) tells SVT Nyheter that she, as a minister, cannot provide any further comment because it is a matter of authority decision in an individual case.Sweden and Finland struck as part of the countries’ NATO application a trilateral agreement with Turkey in June. Among other things, there is a point that Sweden and Finland must process Turkey’s request for the extradition of persons suspected of terrorist crimes in the country. The man who has now been deported had his asylum application rejected in 2021, i.e. before Sweden and Finland’s NATO process began. The fact that he is being deported right now could have something to do with the Swedish application, says Paul Levin, director of the Institute for Turkish Studies at Stockholm University. “It is very possible that this, so to speak, forms the background to the Migration Agency handling these cases quickly.” “Another question is whether the Swedish Migration Agency allows itself to be influenced by the Swedish NATO process in its assessment of the individual cases. It would of course be deeply problematic, but at the moment I cannot say that I have enough evidence to make such an interpretation.”Turkey is regularly criticized for deficiencies in legal certainty, the European Court of Justice has, for example, on several occasions ruled that activists in the country were imprisoned on political grounds. As a person who follows Turkey closely, it feels uncomfortable that we are deporting people there.” Levin also points out that the Supreme Court (HD) in Sweden has consistently refused extraditions to Turkey citing precisely the lack of legal certainty and also the risk of torture. “With the proviso that I’m not a lawyer or an expert in migration law, I think it’s a bit strange that the Swedish Migration Agency makes a different assessment than HD regarding the possibility of deporting people to Turkey.” Several experts have already made the assessment that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is deliberately dragging out the NATO process to score political points at home.Probably also will the latest expulsion from Sweden part of this game, says Paul Levin, who believes that the fact that it is a deportation and not an extradition probably does not matter that much. “We have already seen how the Turkish media has drawn attention to this, so I think that this is something that Erdogan places a value on.”He does not consider it too improbable that the Swedish deportations may continue at a relatively fast pace.”There are a number of cases where the execution of the decisions is pending. And given that the trilateral agreement states that the Swedish authorities must process these cases quickly, it is not at all unthinkable.” TT has asked the Migration Agency for a comment, but the authority refers to the fact that it is not possible to comment on individual cases during weekends.

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