Old men yell at Bitcoin


Old Bitcoin There's no better time to unearth the comments of old Bitcoin critics than a day of historic highs. One…

The content Old men scream at Bitcoin first appeared in Cointimes .

Old Bitcoin

There's no better time to unearth the comments of old Bitcoin critics than a day of historic highs.

A phenomenon seen in Brazil and in the world is that young people are more likely to adopt new technologies more easily. We talk more about this in the podcast “ Crypto Generation and Bitcoin Demographic Trends ”, it's worth listening to.

In Bitcoin, this notion was reinforced by statistics according to a JP Morgan report revealed that " older invest in gold, while young people buy BTC ".

In fact, JP Morgan's boomer CEO Jamie Dimon is a well-known Bitcoin critic who even called cryptocurrency a scam before repenting and offering Bitcoin funds to customers (even advising not to buy).

But we don't have to go far to find old minded people criticizing bitcoin with weak arguments, they are all over Brazil celebrating the BTC's falls and calling the currency a bubble during the rallies.

With the intention of creating a compilation of “old men fighting with bitcoin”, the account @velhosbitcoin on Twitter appeared, of unknown authorship. While enjoying the high bitcoin, you can check out the best examples below:

Fund managers who don't need Bitcoin

Versa and Bitcoin Fund, which is the best?
Spoke the fund manager who is at loss.
Henrique Bredda and Bitcoin, "why complicate things?"
Despite finding it complicated, Bitcoin 'kept' its growth.
Fernando Luiz and BITCOIN
Bitcoin is already worth over 1.2 trillion dollars, the next step is to take over the world.
Sérgio Machado on "Bitmico"
You forgot your Bitcoin birthday, it's part of it.

The infinite bubble and the greatest bubble connoisseur in Brazil

The biggest bubble connoisseur in Brazil (maybe the world)
Thank you James!
Luiz on bitcoin and its hyperbolic valuation
James Reis on crypto coins
"He finished. Good luck. I have nothing to say, it's just words… Everything I feel won't change.”
Peter Lynchado on investment
André Perfect on bubble
Perfect, Andrew!
Samy dances about bitcoin
There was no skin in the game to criticize bitcoin.

Remember that people can, at any time, change their minds and understand new technologies regardless of age or any other characteristic.

Dialogue, as well as games, are tools for building a more plural financial market. Therefore, we want to open the dialogue so that these big influencers understand more about bitcoin, before criticizing it baselessly.

We are against hate and in favor of freedom of expression. We do not encourage readers to make direct attacks on the above profiles.

The opinion of the humorous page @velhosbitcoin, source for most of the above prints, is as follows:

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The content Old men scream at Bitcoin first appeared in Cointimes .

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