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The lift: More people choose electric power after the pandemic

Published: 17 May 2022, 11:24 Updated: 26 May 2022, 00:00Powerful and flexible. Climate-smart with new technology and lower costs. New all-electric transport vehicles now mark the beginning of a new era in the segment. – Demand for transport vehicles has increased with the pandemic. And especially then for electric transport cars to drive in the city with, says Martin Tenggren at Ford Sweden.Read more about the new all-electric Ford E-Transit In step with rising fuel prices, more and more companies have opened their eyes to electric alternatives when it is time to acquire new transport vehicles. And an important argument here is the lower total costs, compared to petrol and diesel-powered models. The purchase price of an all-electric transport car is admittedly higher than the equivalent with fossil fuel operation, but when you include an environmental bonus of SEK 70,000, lower tax, lower service costs – and significantly lower mileage costs – the calculation immediately looks nicer.

Forget range anxiety

One concern that makes many companies hesitate to switch to electric is the range. But the range anxiety is today unjustified, there are new models that can handle long journeys without having to stop and charge. An example is Ford’s new E-Transit, which comes with a range of up to 402 kilometers on a single charge *. It can also be quickly charged up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. – The Ford E-Transit comes a long way on the road, but that may not be the real strength of an electric transport car. Inside the city and shorter deliveries during the day – then it is perfect, says Martin Tenggren, bodybuilder at Ford Sweden.

Less noise

As a business, it’s about doing your homework. How long distances do we drive today? How many stops do we make? Can we plan our runs better? Where can we charge? For those who can switch to electric transport, there is a lot to gain. For example, many major cities are planning to introduce emission-free zones. Being able to drive freely into these and perform jobs is of course a competitive advantage over the companies that stick to fossil fuels. In addition, the driver gets a better working environment with less noise, better acceleration and smoother driving.

Emission-free transport

In the business to business sector, more and more companies are demanding that their subcontractors live up to stricter environmental requirements. Demonstrating that one takes responsibility and invests in emission-free transport will soon be a minimum requirement in many industries. Obtaining the right model for specific needs is of course also an important issue. And it answers the Ford E-Transit with flying colors. – This is a transport car with a completely new driveline – and a very good one. Then the chassis is built so that you can tailor your transport car to your needs. Flatbed, metal cabinets, refrigerated truck for food, moving truck and much more, says Martin Tenggren at Ford Sweden.

Cabinet with refrigerator

The model comes in nine different combinations, with two height and two length versions. The electric driveline with a 68 kilowatt-hour battery has been designed to enable the same cargo space as for the diesel-powered versions of the model, which means a load capacity of up to 15.1 cubic meters. The maximum load is 1470 kilos. – Thanks to the chassis, the Ford E-Transit is a car that suits most people. You can get it with cabinets or flatbeds, yes the variations are many. It is a versatile product and is a completely complete range in one and the same car. – Food transport has increased in Sweden in recent years and E-Transit can also be built with a cabinet with cooling for food deliveries, says Martin Tenggren at Ford Sweden. In addition, it is possible to get Ford E-Transit with a smart electrical outlet of 2.3kW / 230V . “Pro Power Onboard” makes it possible to use power tools such as a table saw or an angle grinder wherever you are.How good is the new electric transport car Ford E-Transit, read more here

About E-Transit

E-Transit is a new electrified version of Ford Transit. Available as a van but also as a single-cab chassis with the possibility of bodywork, as well as a flatbed. The car is launched with two strong engine options; 184hp / 430 Nm and 269hp / 430 Nm and is available in two length and weight variants; 3.5 and 4.25 tonnes.


• Class-leading range – up to 402 km (WLTP) for city driving *. (* Applies to L3H2 350 cabinets. Actual range varies depending on a number of factors such as external climate, driving style, car maintenance, battery age, etc.) • Energy consumption (including driving) WLTP 28.9 – 33.1 kWh / 100 km, CO2- emissions 0 g / km. Warranty applies 5 years / 15 000 miles. Battery warranty 8 years / 16 000 miles. • Fast charging up to 115 kW. 15-80% in 34 minutes • Long warranty (5 years / 15,000 miles. Battery 8 years / 16,000 miles) • Service interval: 12 months / unlimited mileage • Practical cargo space – two heights and two length variations. Up to 15.1 m3 • Competitive total cost. Entitled to a full climate bonus of SEK 70,000. • Charging socket in the car “Pro Power Onboard” 2.3 kW / 230-volt socket for charging ex. tool. The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Ford and not an article by Dagens industri

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