Nox Bitcoin, the Brazilian fintech that is changing cryptocurrency investments

Charlie Taylor

The Brazilian fintech expanded its range of products with the launch of app Nox Bitcoin. In addition to BTC custody, the app provides access to trends in the Defi world, making it very easy to access passive income investments.

Nox Bitcoin App

No complicated screens or excess information. With the new Nox Bitcoin App, you can invest in crypto with just a few taps on your phone. The app offers an intuitive, secure experience, and is the simplest way on the market to generate passive income.

Passive income with crypto

Staking is no longer complicated and costly. In the App, just choose the active crypto, search, accept its price, and make your exchange in a simple and intuitive way. By acquiring crypto with auto-staking, you will already earn your rewards daily. In addition, the income is always calculated on the balance updated every day. That is, today’s reward will fatten your future earnings, creating a cumulative, exponential effect. Time is money! Nox Bitcoin has simplified the way to generate passive income. Now you have the power to generate daily earnings in a highly promising market, without having to spend many hours or pay high network fees to be able to carry out passive income operations. It is a practically unprecedented format among Brazilian brokers and one of the simplest and most intuitive in the world in this category. Invest safely and with all the technological support that protects the transactions of the platform, in addition to having a support team always ready to help you in case of any doubt. With the Nox Bitcoin App, it is possible to invest and stake in major cryptocurrencies on the market, such as:*

Ethereum – paying ~4.5% per year in ETH;

Solana – paying ~4.2% per year in SOL;

Avalanche – paying ~7.8% per year in AVAX;

polkadot – paying ~11.8% per year in DOT. *Staking yield varies according to the rewards of each protocol, so these values ​​may vary over time and are only an estimate based on current yields.

Zero fee to trade

Another great advantage of Nox in relation to other applications is that all trades are carried out with their own liquidity. Unlike an exchange, for example, the platform does not act as an intermediary. Your asset management takes place with your own treasury (cash). Thus, when the investor buys BTC, he is buying BTC that previously belonged to fintech. Therefore, the price offered is already final, without extra charges of implicit fees, as in an intermediation. The withdrawal of Bitcoin or Real (BRL) is also zero fee. So the user receives exactly the same amount of BTC in his private wallet as he had in the Nox wallet.

Crypto Asset Baskets

Nox offers baskets of crypto assets, which are similar to traditional financial market investment funds, but without active management and no management or performance fees. With baskets, you can buy a selection of assets and benefit from their appreciation in the market. It’s a simple way to diversify your portfolio. There are currently 3 baskets available:

Altcoin Basket: Balanced portfolio among the largest altcoins by market capitalization;Games Basket: Selection of the game-tokens that are on the rise, to follow the trend of the sector;EMPI basket: An aggressive portfolio, based on a selection by Empiricus Research, which features a selection of crypto assets with high upside potential.

Big news coming soon

In addition to all the exclusive products already available on the App, Nox is working on many new features, mainly related to passive income and DeFi solutions. One of these novelties is the long-awaited Staking in USDT, which will be one of the simplest ways to generate passive dollar income with cryptocurrencies, and should be Fintech’s next official release.

Register now on the Nox Bitcoin app

To start investing with Nox is very simple. Just download the application on your smartphone, register, and deposit your reais through a Pix.

Enjoy staking!

And if you want to get informed, Nox also offers educational articles and courses. Thus, you have access to the tools you need to invest in BTC and other crypto assets in the best possible way. Come with us!

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