Now the hunt for the Gazelles 2022 begins


It’s almost time for a new edition of the popular growth competition Di Gasell. For the twenty-third year in a row, Dagens industri is looking for Sweden’s fastest-growing companies that this time, among other things, managed to grow during two years of a pandemic and at the same time be profitable.Published: August 21, 2022, 9:27 p.mThis year’s measurement period for The gazelle survey is 2018-2021. It includes the first pandemic year when the economy shrank, which negatively affected three out of four Gazelle companies. But with the mass vaccination in the second year of the pandemic, which is the final year of the measurement period, the Swedish economy picked up growth again. rapid interest rate increases as a result. But we will see the effects of these problems only in next year’s survey.Around Sweden half a million limited companies, last year there were 657 companies that passed the Gazell requirements. It is a halving since the last top listing from 2018. However, of the companies that were allowed to leave Gasellistan last year, none had gone bankrupt and only one was undergoing reconstruction. It is a strong result considering the environment in which it operates. “This shows the strength of Gazellföretagen’s business acumen, so this year it will be exciting to see if the country’s growth companies managed to come back with even greater force in 2021 when growth in the Swedish economy picked up again. That through Di Gasell we get the opportunity to highlight entrepreneurship around Sweden is one of the best things we do,” says Dagens industri’s editor-in-chief Peter Fellman. Despite the decline in the number of Gazell companies, they still managed to create 9,600 new jobs in their companies. Since the Gazell survey started in 2000, four out of ten new jobs in the private sector have been created in Gazell companies, a total of over 300,000 jobs.” throughout the country because it is they who have the important task of creating the new jobs in the Swedish economy,” says Peter Fellman. In order for a company to be able to qualify for the Gazelle competition, turnover must have doubled during the current four-year period and also increased every year. The growth must also have taken place without major acquisitions or mergers. In addition, the company must have at least one employee in the first year and at least ten employees in the last year of the investigation period. Profitability and sound finances are also important factors in being able to become a Gazelle company. In the review carried out by Di’s journalists, an overall assessment of the company is made where great importance is placed on sound finances where, for example, credit rating, comments from auditors and payment notes are weighed into the assessment.During the introduction of measurement period 2018-2021, the Swedish economy lost momentum and only grew by 2.0 percent in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The introduction of amortization requirements then contributed to cooling the previously so hot construction and contracting market. In the outside world, the escalating trade war between the US and China with President Donald Trump at the helm and Brexit created concerns. Since then, Joe Biden has become president of the United States and Boris Johnson has implemented Brexit. The world has also lived through two years of pandemic. During 2020, Swedish GDP shrank by 2.8 percent, but the effects of the pandemic were short-lived because in 2021, the Swedish economy grew again by 5.1 percent.”2018-2021 have been four eventful years in both the Swedish economy and the world economy. It will be interesting to see what impact this has on this year’s Gazelle survey, which is an important economic indicator,” says Peter Fellman.


Di Gazelle requirements 2022-The are the company’s four most recent annual reports, 2018 to 2021, which form the basis of the Gazell survey. -The turnover 2021 must exceed SEK 10 million. – The company must have at least ten employees according to the latest annual report. -The turnover By 2021, it must have at least doubled since 2018 and must have grown every year during the period. -The total operating profit must be positive during the period. -The company has essentially grown organically, not through acquisitions or mergers. – The company must have healthy finances. There must also be an audit report in the most recent annual report.


that’s how it goes-Potential Gazelle companies are screened by the business information company Bisnode and then scrutinized by Di’s journalists.-The companies can also register themselves by sending an email to [email protected] by August 24 at the latest. Enter the company’s full name and corporate registration number.-Example companies that need to register themselves for the competition are those where the number of employees is not reported in the annual reports as well as companies with shortened or extended years that mean that the numbers do not show that the company is growing.– Read more about the Gazell criteria at

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