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Companies benefit from cooperation between West Swedish incubators

Published: February 14, 2023, 10:07 am Updated: February 17, 2023, 9:35 amStefan Dinér, CEO of Borås INK. Sofia Hjelmberg and Klementina Österberg at GU Ventures. Photo: Ingela Vågsund. Eight incubators and a common vision to strengthen incubator companies active in future industries. The result? The innovations have been strengthened in several ways and benefit more people, both at home and abroad. The eight West Swedish incubators have supported several thousand start-ups. The goal of the collaboration was to create even more competitive and more sustainable companies, which can gain global ground. It now turns out that these companies have hired more people, increased revenues considerably and attracted much more capital than before. That’s what Klementina Österberg, CEO of GU Ventures and chairman of the steering group of Västsvenska Inkubatorer, tells us. – The companies we incubate have in common that they have a new innovation and are led by entrepreneurs with a dream to build really good companies, which have the potential to improve our world and really be able to make a difference, she says and continues: – Through the collaboration, we incubators have done a better job together and which more people get to take part in, our statistics show. This is thanks to our success in attracting funds from the Västra Götaland region and the EU via the Agency for Growth. This has led to the collaboration being given extra resources, which in itself has created a better result. “Creates better opportunities”Sofia Hjelmberg, who works with investor relations at GU Ventures, is responsible for keeping the collaboration together and testifies to the benefits for the incubator companies. – An example is Vividye, which started as a research project at Chalmers and has resulted in a completely new technology for circular textile printing. The company was founded and run by former students at Chalmers Entrepreneurship School. Chalmers Ventures has been involved from the start, but when Vividye needed to gear up and get in touch with more industry players, the collaboration led to Borås INK being connected. Vividye then got in touch with a much larger textile network, which can bring more business, says Sofia Hjelmberg. Another example is NSS Water Enhancement Technology (NSS), which produces the next generation of ultrapure water intended for use in the semiconductor industry. They joined the Innovatum Science Park, where the foundation was laid, and are now also supported by GU Ventures to be able to scale up the company in the next step. – The fact that two actors work together as Innovatum and GU Ventures do creates better opportunities for us entrepreneurs to build companies and grow, which is fantastic, says Björn Holmström, CEO and founder of NSS.Focus on sustainability and equalityThe incubators work within different focus groups, one of which focuses on the issue of sustainability. Stefan Dinér, CEO of Borås INK, is responsible. – We have taken the temperature of the degree of maturity in sustainability at most of our companies and carried out a number of in-depth analyses, at the same time that business developers have been able to share experiences and gather good tools to coach companies in the area , he says and continues: – This temperature measurement and deep diving would not have been possible without the collaboration within West Swedish Incubators. Now our focus area is gender equality, which is an important part linked to the sustainability goals.Västsvenska Incubatorer currently consists of:Borås INK, Brewhouse Incubator, Chalmers Ventures, Founders Loft, GU Ventures, Innovatum Science Park, Sahlgrenska Science Park and Science Park Skövde Startup. Read more at The article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with Västsvenska Incubatorer and not an article by Dagens industri

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