No one will escape conscription and no one will hide from the state


Military_Material/Pixabay Whether it’s a young entrepreneur just starting a family business, a man learning a new profession, or a farmer taking care of his farm – no one can escape mobilization anymore. The dictatorship of Vladimir Putin has just coupled the electronic system of surveillance and repression to the prosecution of those who evade shooting at Ukrainians, for which a relevant law has just been passed. The Intefax agency reports that a uniform electronic register of persons subject to military service is being created. In addition to traditional paper summons to the army, electronic ones are also sent. For this purpose, government access channels are used, e.g. tax offices, their Social Insurance Institution, all types of schools and “friendly” institutions such as telecommunications operators or banks.

The call “booked”, i.e. delivered

A summons in electronic form is deemed to have been delivered from the moment it is posted to the citizen’s personal account in the appropriate information resource in the electronic system. entering the conscript in the summons register. Nay! Citizens subject to conscription for military service who, for some reason, did not receive a summons from the military commissariat during the conscription, must in any case appear in person at the military conscription office for verification of data, within a maximum of two weeks from the start of the next conscription period.

What is the penalty for evading?

If a citizen received a summons, but without a valid reason and a “strong” justification on paper, he did not appear at the military registration and recruitment office, then after twenty calendar days from the date specified in the summons, the so-called. interim measures. What measures are we talking about here? This may be, for example, a ban on real estate transactions, a restriction on the right to drive vehicles, a ban on state registration of vehicles or a refusal to conclude a loan agreement. The decision to appeal a citizen against these measures is made within one day and its shape is easy to predict – it is a refusal to recognize the citizen’s “complaint” along with maintaining the repression in the current dimension. Why is a citizen’s complaint normally dismissed? If only because it is created in the Military Register in automatic mode, on a ready-made print, and then signed with the electronic signature of the military commissar. The machine does not accept any translations, claims or complaints.

Ban on leaving and capping orders

Citizens who have been “delivered” with a summons to the army are automatically prohibited from leaving the Russian Federation (even if they somehow manage to do so, other countries do not want to accept refugees from the army). Moreover, the leadership of the regions is given the opportunity to introduce additional restrictive measures, i.e. those that they recognize necessary – explains the changes to the Russian mobilization law Andrei Kartapolov, co-author of the new law on conscription and at the same time the head of the State Duma Defense Committee. as well as the Federal Tax Service, courts, the Pension Fund, the Russian Social Insurance Institution, as well as universities and scientific organizations that will pick up students. Employers were also obliged to send information to military registration and conscript offices “on cases of identifying citizens obliged but not registered in the army”. soldiers as well as civilians. If anyone thinks that this does not apply to countries considered to be the so-called free democracies, can be very surprised at some point. Western-style “velvet dictatorships” can also be effectively ruthless when it comes to sacrificing people on the altar of someone else’s interests. And the system of electronic supervision and prosecution, tested during mobilization in the face of a real or only alleged threat to the country, can be excellently used also in times of peace.

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