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New electronic ID system requires companies to redo their processes

Published: June 8, 2022, 2:26 p.m.The Nordic countries are the most digitized in the EU. But now Denmark is exchanging its equivalent for BankID. This requires companies to redo their processes. – If your company is to sell to other Nordic countries, you must be able to manage their own e-identifications, something that is not quite simple for an individual company, Johan Montelius Hedberg, Marketing Manager at RegTech- the company ZignSec.Read more about how you can handle identification requirements in different marketsYou use it when you declare, when you log in to the bank and when you e-shop. Sometimes it can be difficult to imagine what an everyday life without BankID would look like. According to BankID’s own statistics, Swedes used the popular e-identification six billion times in 2021. – Sweden, together with other Nordic countries, are the ones that have come the furthest when it comes to the development and use of e-identification, Johan Montelius Hedberg explains. – Last year, the countries became number one, second, third and fifth on the European Commission’s list of most digitized EU countries. across land borders. Something that makes it for Swedish companies that want to expand the business to one of our neighboring countries. – In order for someone to obtain a BankID, the person must have a Swedish social security number, and this means that as soon as you want to offer your services outside Sweden’s borders use that country’s system for online identification. – This means that a company that wants to expand to Norway must have a system that handles Norwegian e-identification. If you want to sell in Finland, you need Finnish and so on. In the end, all these connections become like an old stereo device where you had to handle lots of wires that only create one big mess.

The step ahead in terms of safety

Sometimes these systems are also replaced, as now in Denmark in 2022. Instead of continuing to develop the old e-identification NemID, they have replaced it with a new system called MitID. – Denmark has chosen to develop a new electronic ID system to be one step ahead in terms of security and thus be able to meet future digital threats and challenges in a way that would not have been possible with NemID. That the country is now changing e-identification does not only mean that citizens must download a new app, it also means that all Swedish companies that want to do business with Danes, for example via e-commerce, must change their systems in order to be able to handle MitID. Something that can create even more clutter in the cable harness. – If you use our system instead, it will be a plug-and-play solution. A cord that solves all needs.

All via one and the same connection

ZignSec is a Swedish company that works to help companies automate and manage identification requirements in various markets, not only in the Nordic region or Europe but throughout the world. This is done through a platform where customers have access to both Swedish BankID and Danish MitID and most other verification tools used in different countries around the world, all via one and the same connection. – If a company, for example, is in the Swedish market and wants expand to the Norwegian, you just add it to the platform, instead of having to do research yourself about what solutions are available and what they require for integration. This means that the company gets a single provider of online identification, regardless of which markets they want to operate This makes it easier to handle the markets where you already exist, and the process of entering a new market is much faster than if you were to start doing research and planning for integration yourself. It’s plug-and-play.Read more about how you can handle identification requirements in different marketsThe article is produced by Brand Studio in collaboration with ZignSec and not an article by Dagens industri

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