New York is struggling with the influx of illegal immigrants


Hundreds of undocumented immigrants were moved this weekend to the Roosevelt Hotel, a landmark in Manhattan built in the 1920s near the grand Grand Central Station. Roosevelt was closed in 2020 due to economic problems related to the pandemic and is now starting to be used as a new reception center for asylum seekers. The hotel, which has more than 1,000 rooms, will function as their temporary shelter.

New York is suffocating

The decision to convert this old hotel is a sign of desperation for the local authorities. New York is suffocating economically as it tries to cope with the wave of immigrants. Last weekend, the mayor of the city, Democrat Eric Adams, once again blamed the federal government for the social services crisis caused by the massive (and uncontrolled) influx of immigrants. “We have 108 thousand cities, towns and villages in this country,” the mayor of New York noted in an interview CBS radio. “If each of these towns and villages took in a small proportion of immigrants and if their relocations were coordinated at the border, the immigrants would not be a burden only for some cities.” Nearly 70,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York in recent months, according to data. Of these, 42,000 remain under the care of local social welfare structures.

Buses to big cities

Last summer, a historic record was broken in the number of arrested migrants who crossed the border illegally. Some Republican governors, such as Greg Abbott of Texas (the state with the longest border with Mexico) and Ron DeSantis of Florida (a state that is one of the most frequent destinations for immigrants, mostly Hispanics), decided to deal with the humanitarian crisis by sending thousands of immigrants by bus to large cities (New York, Washington, Chicago) governed by Democrats who are opposed to tightening immigration policies. Title 42 – led to a historic increase in border stoppages in the days leading up to the expiry of the regulation. Arrests were made in a record number of 10,000 a day. A significant number of border detention centers could not withstand such migratory pressure and were partly relocated to other cities, especially New York. According to Mayor Adams, nearly 6,000 asylum seekers have arrived in the city in the last week alone. Currently, more than 150 facilities have been dedicated to immigration needs throughout the city, with the most recent addition, the Roosevelt Hotel, as the main operations center. The problem, however, is that the hotel sector is one of New York’s main sources of income, and the current situation may discourage tourists.

Rejected strategies

Last year, Adams announced the creation of immigrant camps on Randall Island, an island sandwiched between Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, and on Orchard Beach. Both of these proposals failed, as did an attempt to use public sports centers to house immigrants. Adams’ latest idea, with a strong political twist, is to send immigrants to counties outside of New York where Republicans are much more numerous. This proposal met with resistance from local communities, which, such as Suffolk County, announced that they would fight for their rights in court. Adams also protested against the lack of decisive help from the Biden administration, which approved an additional $30 million for New York a few days ago to ease the immigration crisis. “We have already spent over a billion dollars. We predict it will be close to 4.3 billion or more. This 30 million is far from what the city is paying for a national problem,” he said. Source:

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