New game hides bitcoins in drawings, are you able to find them?

Charlie Taylor

A new game called “Bitcoin Quest” officially begins on January 21 and will allow people to take advantage of their cryptanalytical skills to hunt down mnemonic seeds of bitcoin hidden in drawings.
In addition to balance bitcoin wallets, which the user can obviously redeem on the spot, the developers promise a Bitcoin Quest analyst certificate and Satochip bitcoin hardware wallets for the winners.
The organizations behind the Bitcoin Quest event are Hotmine, Its Business Baby, School Bitcoin, Satochip and Ed Khan Crypto Gallery. People who want to participate in the online treasure hunt can check the rules and guidelines by clicking here.
The first thing you will need is to know English or Russian, as the event will start from groups on Telegram with these languages, at least so far. In addition, players are advised to take advantage of the Telegram @helpmyquestbot bot to get tips on the mission.Coinext 760x150

"The crypto analyst contest in which bitcoin is hidden in art is an adventure journey," details the Bitcoin Quest ad. “Participants show their analytical skills by examining the details of a large image. The participants' goal is to find the words and compile a bitcoin seed. It has 14 words and allows access to the bitcoins kept at the winning addresses (13 of them + 3 Satochip) within the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet (PC version) ”, add the organizers.
To win, you will need skills, hardware and software, according to the event organizers. Below is a list of some desirable attributes for players.
Knowledge about the internal mechanics of the Electrum walletKnowledge about RBF (replace-by-fee) and how to turn it offThe ability to send BTC transactions at customized rates using ElectrumA large monitorAdditionally, winners will be recorded immutably and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain. “It will be available through the Eternal Note service or through A transaction ID will be added to the individual certificate. ”
The contest was created to make people refine their knowledge of bitcoins and phrases from mnemonic seeds. Just find the seeds following the official mission tips and rules and drain one or more of the wallets hidden in the gear.
"You need to do all of this faster than all other crypto analysts," said the event's creators. Bitcoin Quest is a pet project by Jeff Fawkes, also known as “Bitpainter”, an artist who has been creating similar arts since 2017.

"I want to unite two of my great passions: art and cryptography," said Fawkes. "That's when the idea of ​​'Bitcoin Quest' came about. It is a competition in which I draw images with hidden bitcoin wallet seeds and you get any BTC you find, ”concluded the artist.

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