New companies are fighting for the climate billions – Serneke at the top

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At the end of February ended the first of this year’s three search rounds for Klimatklivet, where companies and other organizations can apply for support for initiatives that reduce climate emissions. According to documents requested by Di from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, which is responsible for the investment support, the application for the highest amount came from Lantmännen. The agricultural cooperative wants SEK 150 million in support to build a large-scale production facility for pea protein extraction. good complement to our existing protein products based on cereals “, says Lars-Gunnar Edh, head of Lantmännen Biorefineries. Lantmännen, which previously invested SEK 800 million in the production of proteins from wheat, states that the board has not yet made a formal decision on the” comprehensive The investment in the pea protein plant. On the other hand, a grant granted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency would solve part of the financing. “It is also an opportunity for increased cultivation of peas, which means that we can provide the Swedish food industry with another source of a Swedish-produced high-quality and competitive protein, something that is increasingly in demand in a growing market,” says Lars-Gunnar Edh.The flooring company Tarkett was also found among those who applied for the most, SEK 89 million. The company, which has roots in Sweden but is now listed on the stock exchange in France, wants to get a circular flow of its material. “Even if you only think of plastic carpets in public environments in Sweden, it is a huge group globally. They have a climate footprint and they want to be able to take back old carpets and spills to reduce their climate footprint “, says Carl Michael Strauss, head of Klimatklivet’s industrial unit.Read more: This is where the state’s climate billions go In 2022, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency can grant up to SEK 5 billion in support within the framework of the Climate Step. But the approval rate is around 50 percent of the applications that come in. The authority has announced that the aid this year will be directed at nine industries and areas, including electrification, hydrogen and circular flows. The category that by a wide margin was most common in this search round was energy conversion which covered 150 of 394 applications. But at the top, among the 20 who applied for the highest amount, energy efficiency and biogas were most common with five and seven applications respectively. “Biogas has been a common category. It has a big role in transport now. But what is interesting is whether it can play a bigger role on the industrial side. In the long run, there will be a great need there “, says Carl Michael Strauss. In terms of energy efficiency, the construction company Serneke SRNKE B was -0.23% Today’s development was the actor that applied for the highest amount. It is about the construction of a plant with electrolysis, hydrogen tanks, hydrogen burners, battery storage, hydrogen tanks, control systems and recycling systems in Karlastaden, a district that is growing in Gothenburg. “By combining different sustainable energy sources, Karlastaden will create a surplus of energy. Our vision is to create the most energy-smart district in Sweden. For us, it is an excellent opportunity, in the planning of a completely new district, to try to think new and use the technology that exists to build an efficient and sustainable energy system “, says Ola Serneke, CEO of the subsidiary Serneke Invest. The second application period will be in early May and the third in August and September. The applications are submitted to the County Administrative Board, but it is the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency that decides which projects receive support. So far, more than 3,600 projects have been granted capital through Klimatklivet. The vast majority of the 8 billion distributed has gone to companies. Recently, among other things, Scandinavian Biogas has been granted SEK 135 million for a construction site. A collaboration between Boliden and Skellefteå kraft, where the waste heat from the metal company’s smelter will be converted into district heating, has also received 125 million.

Climate change

Klimatklivet is an investment support for innovations and investments that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Since the start in 2015, Klimatklivet has distributed SEK 8 billion to companies, organizations and municipalities. The annual budget is 2.7 million, but the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has an additional 5 billion at its disposal until 2026. Application periods in 2022 · Period 1: 10 February – 28 February · Period 2: 3 May – 18 May · Period 3 : August 23-September 8

The industries in which the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency wants to invest

Waste heat – there is great potential in using waste heat from, for example, industries and computer halls. Circular flows – new facilities for, for example, recycling of plastic and textiles or production of green concrete. Agriculture – fossil fuels can be replaced by biofuels or electricity. Biochar – production and use as a heat source, for soil improvement or as a carbon sink reduces emissions in several stages. Electrification – provides important change in the transport sector where shipping and aviation, which have entered Klimatklivet in recent years, have additional potential. Biogas – production, filling stations, vehicles and conversion from fossil fuels in industry. Hydrogen – has the potential to change the industry and the transport sector. Production and infrastructure for green hydrogen have already received investment support from Klimatklivet. Sustainable biofuels and electric fuels – investments in production to replace fossil fuels in the transport sector. Energy efficiency and phasing out of fossil fuels by small and medium-sized industrial companies. Source: Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Jan Ahmadi

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