Municipality “Valle de Ángeles” joins “Bitcoin Valley” to take tourism to the next level


Honduras Takes Big Steps in Bitcoin Adoptionall of this hand in hand with Bitcoin Valley, which was born as an initiative between Blockchain Honduras, Coincaex (Guatemalan cryptocurrency exchange) and the Technological University of Honduras to develop tourism using cryptocurrencies as an effective method for transferring value.

After a successful adoption in the municipality “Santa Lucía” the integration of the municipality has been announced “Valley of Angels” to the ecosystem of “Bitcoin Valley” thus becoming the second municipality in Honduras to join this pro-Bitcoin movement to improve tourism in the country.

“We are very happy that, in the next few days, the merchants have started a training process with Blockchain Honduras, and today we can say that we are ready to carry out the pilot tests”.

Wilfredo Ponce
Mayor of Valle de Angeles.

Adoption of Bitcoin to improve tourism.

On July 28 of this year, Honduras officially launched “Bitcoin Valley”, a project that seeks to develop an economy around Bitcoin, with educational and training bases that seeks to promote the creation of cryptographic solutions to accelerate tourism in some of the most important municipalities in the country.

Although it is clear that Bitcoin is not yet a legal currency in the country, many Hondurans have witnessed the benefits offered by these new technologies and have found another “option that allows foreigners to pay in their businesses in Bitcoin. , while they receive the equivalent of their sale in lempiras”.

All this from the hand of Coincaex (Guatemalan cryptocurrency exchange).

“The idea is to create a bitcoin zone between Santa Lucía, Valle de Ángeles and Cantarranas. We believe that with this cryptocurrency we are going to attract more foreign tourists and also Hondurans who want to have the experience of paying with bitcoin.”

Wilfredo Ponce
Mayor of Valle de Angeles.

In conclusion

In this first phase, a training process will be carried out taking into account 22 businesses in “Valle de Angeles” that will be able to educate between 40 and 80 business owners in the basic and intermediate topics of bitcoin and blockchain to favor the purchase, sale and exchange of digital assets, as well as the use of wallets to send and receive cryptocurrencies.

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