MP campaign flirts with Göran Persson – criticized internally

Charlie Taylor

The Green Party goes to the polls to build the green people’s home. A slogan the former S-leader Göran Persson first used in 1996. It meets with criticism in the party.Published: 28 May 2022, 15:07Another slogan MP reuses to this year’s election is “Everyone should join”. Something that the Social Democrats went to the polls in 2006. The MP’s election posters will now say: “Everyone should join when Sweden changes”. “No one should be left behind when we build the new green people’s home, everyone should join. We go to the polls with a policy of strong climate work, strong welfare and increased equality “, says spokeswoman Märta Stenevi when she and Per Bolund begin the party’s election campaign in Karlstad. But the re-use of previous Social Democratic election slogans meets with criticism in the party. also thinks that the party’s priorities will be too unfocused and the funding too broad. ”There will be many questions and ambiguity. The only issue we have confidence in is the climate and environmental issues, and with the low opinion figures we have, we must focus there, we will not have time for three months to drum up other issues for the voters “, he says to TT. Märta Stenevi calls for a fight against all parties that do not take the climate threat seriously. “We must enter all rooms where decisions are made and create chaos with everyone who tries to obstruct climate justice,” she says.According to the party secretary Katrin Wissing prioritises the Green Party’s three areas before the election: Environment and climate, gender equality and democracy and human rights. At the same time, she emphasizes that the party has broader ambitions than that. “We want to show that we have the answers to all society’s challenges,” she says. The election analysis from the last election stated that six priority issues that the party then prioritized were “too many for a small party to reach out with”. Daniel Helldén does not think that the party lives up to that conclusion. “No, I do not think so, even if it are three questions now, it is still the case that you want all the questions. We have a question that is ours, where should we lie, we have one or one and a half percent that we need to catch home, then we will work with it “, he says. It makes me so pissed that everyone, yes in fact all other parties from the V to SD, with determined courage in the middle of the climate crisis choose to do the opposite of what the climate and environmental problems require. “” I have only one thing to say to all parties, from V to SD who suddenly want to sell out the climate and our future: Shame on me damn! ”He criticized in particular Left Party leader Nooshi Dadgostar. ”It did not even take a year for Nooshi Dadgostar to obliterate the Left Party’s climate ambitions. Her Left Party is now agreeing with SD to lower the prices of emissions the most. They are prepared to join forces with the most right-wing extremist party in Swedish politics to dismantle climate policy and deliberately damage the climate, “says Bolund. The Green Party wants to make it easier to build charging infrastructure in tenant-owner associations and apartment buildings. The party wants to invest three billion kronor to change the conditions for this. It will by clearing up regulatory hassles for communities so that individual households get the right to charging infrastructure. Sweden should also request an exemption from the EU state aid rules so that rental and tenant-owner associations can receive support for new charging posts and increase charging car support to meet increased demand for support for building charging infrastructure.TT

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