Modalmais hires two new executives for the high income segment

Charlie Taylor

Modalmais announces the hiring of Patrícia Aiello and Ewerson Padovan. Coming from Itaú Personnalité, the executives have more than 20 years of experience in the market and arrive with the objective of managing the high-income segment of the digital bank. With passages at BCN and Bradesco, Padovan acted as digital superintendent at Itaú Personnalité, where he was responsible for managing commercial teams, the physical and digital network. Aiello, in turn, was a digital regional manager, where he specialized in the implementation and management of the digital operation. Together, the executives led a group of 1,500 professionals, including employees from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and now assume the heads of the high-income segment of Modalmais.


In early April, asset acquired two more companies, in the strategy of reinforcing the service structure of its platform and expanding its business. One of them is the Global Portfolio, an investment portfolio management and consolidation platform based on open finance, which offers services to investors and financial advisors and consultants (B2B). data, with the development of digital products for the financial market, based on big data processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning. With an IPO process in progress, Modalmais did not offer details on the value of the transactions, nor the revenues of the two companies.

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The company

Since its creation as a digital bank for investors, Modalmais has already captured more than 1.2 million customers on its digital platform. Its platform offers a wide portfolio of investment products such as Fixed Income, Direct Treasury, Investment Funds, COEs, incentive Debentures, etc. In addition, it has the facilities provided by a digital bank, such as credit and debit cards, foreign exchange, payments and greater leverage from the financial assets in custody. Only click here if you are already an investor. income first appeared in 1 Billion Financial Education.

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