Mind Crypto Caffe one of the best places in Medellin to share and learn about the crypto world


Colombia, one of the countries in Latin America that has shown the greatest adoption of Bitcoin continues to innovate to present itself as a benchmark in cryptography and allow the creation of a large number of disruptive ideas capable of solving real problems in the world.

Today we will be talking about an outstanding cafeteria that was born as the first crypto coffee from Colombia which aims to facilitate the learning of these new technologies and allow many people to access endless investment opportunities in the crypto asset market.

“A very welcoming place where you learn everything related to the crypto world”

Veronica Quintero

What is Mind Crypto Caffe and what can it offer you?

From the hand of its creator Daniel Aguilarwho presents himself as a popular Colombian investor and crypto analyst, Mind Crypto Caffe offers an optimal environment for the creation of bridges that can connect disruptive companies with new enthusiasts and investors in this blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

In a family environment suitable for the development of investment skills in the cryptocurrency market, you can enjoy access to investment opportunities through franchises, tokens and NFTs that have presented an important boom in this year 2022.

“A totally new and unique place in Colombia. Quite an experience!”

Sylvia Contreras.

You will also be able to enjoy a community of enthusiasts dedicated to exchanging knowledge in each of the events held weekly with well-known special guests such as “Juan Diego Gómez”, a popular Colombian investor.

“In Mind Ecosystem each step will bring you closer to the future, and there are more and more dreamers, passionate, entrepreneurs and visionaries who become part of our ecosystem”

For more information visit their official links on social networks.

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