Microsoft might be building a cryptocurrency wallet


After implementing ChatGPT on Bing, Microsoft would be developing a native cryptocurrency wallet for its browser, Edge. The future novelty introduced a user named Albacore specialist in finding resources in test phases.

The released images show that Microsoft’s wallet would support Ethereum, as well as all tokens, including stablecoins, and NFTs found in its ecosystem.

Looking a lot like popular wallets like MyEtherWallet and to some extent, metamaskit seems that it will also be possible to switch to other cryptocurrencies based on EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine).

Therefore, there is a high probability that the wallet will support or work with BNB Smart Chain, Polygon and other networks.

Images of Microsoft’s cryptocurrency wallet

According to the images, Microsoft’s cryptocurrency wallet will offer full control of funds to the user. That is, the investor will not need to depend on third parties to take care of their savings.

“Disclaimer: As a tester, you will use your own funds. In the event of loss of funds, Microsoft will not reimburse any loss. This is a confidential project and no details should be shared externally.”

The screenshot of Microsoft’s possible cryptocurrency wallet in the Edge browser points out the terms of use for users who are testing the product. Source: Twitter

After creating the wallet, where it is possible to find the recovery phrase, the user gets to the home page. “Happy with the web3 wallet?”asks Microsoft in the lower left corner.

As can be seen, the interface seems quite easy to understand and, at the same time, it presents all the functionalities that the user will need to access.

Possible Microsoft cryptocurrency wallet.Overview of possible Microsoft cryptocurrency wallet. Source: Albacore tuna/Reproduction.

The possible Microsoft wallet will focus on the Ethereum ecosystem. Namely, web3, DeFi, NFT, and stablecoins will be the prominent use cases.

In the “Explore” tab, it will be possible to find news about the cryptocurrency sector. With the news about the rise of Bitcoin and the Signature bank problemsshows that the screenshot is new.

Possible Microsoft cryptocurrency wallet.Microsoft’s potential cryptocurrency wallet will also show industry news to its users. Source: Twitter.

More functionalities of the possible Microsoft wallet

Finally, another image shows the possibility of changing the network. The options presented are Ethereum Mainnet and Goerli Test Network. However, networks like Polygon and BNB Smart Chain may be easily implemented, just like with other wallets.

The last screenshot shows the option to buy cryptocurrency within Microsoft’s own wallet. At the moment, Moonpay and the Coinbase exchange appear as an alternative.

Possible Microsoft cryptocurrency wallet.Possible Microsoft wallet will allow in-app cryptocurrency purchases. Source: Twitter.

So, after having Bing record hits with the introduction of ChatGPT, Microsoft also wants to take a fight with Chrome by introducing a native cryptocurrency wallet in its browser, Edge. However, the novelty was not officially presented by the company and does not have a release date.

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